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Majafela talks automation system




With a strong desire to use technology to simplify people’s daily lives, Kgotla Majafe started Sebatek automations last year.

According to Majafe, the company enables clients to control and monitor what is happening in their homes and offices using their smart phones. “It introduces people to a secure life, where a home automation system hears, sees and smells in their houses and offices for them. A home where your family feels safe,” says Majafe. He reveals that not only would clients be able to monitor their home security from anywhere in the world but that they would also be able to avoid misfortunes such as fire in the home or flooding due to water leakages.

“The monitoring and controlling is done to work together that if one prompts the other and devices are connected to communicate with each other, they can control when a monitoring device prompts action,” he explained.

As an example, he gave a scenario in which there would be a tap leaking in the tap inside the house with no one there to close it. The water sensor would sense the leakage and send a notification to the house owner’s smart phone. From wherever they are, they can send a command back to the tap to close more tightly to avoid water dripping.

Other examples would be a command given to curtains to open or close themselves, the gate opening or closing itself, and the front door opening or closing itself. Premises could be also be commanded to sense motion so that if for example, an intruder comes inside the house when the owner is not there then the camera, would be prompted to start recording. At the same time, a notification would be sent to either the owner or people whose devices have been programmed to receive such information and are asked if they want to see the surveillance feed.

“If you see that the feed is questionable or requires action, you can from your smart device, allow the system to carry out the subsequent emergency response which would sound the alarm and commission other preprogramed events. If you cannot attend to the prompt the system will therefore as programmed trigger the events on your behalf. This takes care of the security function of the automation system,” explains Majafe.

All phones in the house could be linked to the system so it is not one specific phone that they would use in the controlling of the automation as desired by the owner of the house. The notification could also go in a form of an SMS to the owner thus catering for mobile devices which are not smart phones.

Asked what happens when a person moves out of an automated house to one that is not, he explained that Sebatek devices do not connect permanently to building’s infrastructure. He states that it is not a problem if a client wants to redecorate their apartment or take down some walls and change the interior design. Any given module from the wall, he states, can be taken and installed into a new location.

Issues of privacy and ethics might arise for some people interested in having their offices and homes automated. To this, he informs that after they have installed their devices, they do not have access to particular premises but that clients do the monitoring themselves.

Furthermore, when they automate a house or office for the first time, they show the owner how to do it themselves and then the owner creates login details (Username and Password), thus giving them full control of the system.
Sebatek automations had a chance to display at the recent Youth expo and Majafe reveals that they got a positive response from people who visited their stall.

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Boko has failed his constituency – Mokgethi



THROWING SALVO: Anna Mokgethi vows to turn around the fortunes of Gaborone Bonnington North

Botswana Democratic Party Parliamentary hopeful for Gaborone Bonnington North Annah Mokgethi says area Member of Parliament failed to utilise the P10million constituency Development Fund to develop the constituency.

Every year government allocates P10 million to each of the 57 constituencies for developments under the ministry of local government and rural development and councils coordinate the projects. Mokgethi told the media in Gaborone on Tuesday that UDC president who is also area MP, Duma Boko was supposed to have pushed for projects to be done in the constituency.“As we speak there is nothing but the constituency has been having an MP and councillors in the past five years. “Crime is high in the area because there are no streetlights in most of our roads. Our people are attacked under the cover of darkness. Our roads are still dusty but you take our neighbouring constituencies they have paved the roads using these funds.

“We are behind because our MP has neglected the constituency ever since he was voted into office. There is nothing that he can show as a development he advocated for under the fund,” she said.
Mokgethi, a lawyer by profession, will be launched this coming Sunday by President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Since its inception in 2017 the fund has been marred by controversy as MPs argued that they are not being taken on board in the projects.Vice President Slumber Tsogwane who at the time was local government minister, said it was wrong for council secretaries to snub MPs when councils consult residents on developments to do with the fund.

Mokgethi told the media that representation is about service. She said she is willing to represent the people of Bonnington North. “The people of this constituency are yearning for representation. They need a representative who will have enough time on his/her hands to attend to their needs and interests. Someone who will have an ear inclined to their needs,” she stated.

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Keletso Thobega



BEAUTIFUL BETRAYAL: Many did not believe Mhotsha could commit such a heinous crime

Broadhurst Magistrate Court came to a near standstill this past Friday when Lebogang Mhotsha appeared for mention on a conspiracy to robbery case.

Sporting a spiral braided hairstyle, the 30-year-old, who looked exhausted and agitated, turned heads with her pretty face with many in the crowd peering at her and commenting on how unfortunate it was for such a beautiful young woman to be implicated in a crime of such magnitude, where blood had been spilled.

There was a heavy presence of police officers, soldiers, DIS and members from Interpol in the court that was so packed that one had to take gulps of breath to avoid suffocating. All eyes were on Mhotsi, who unflinchingly stared ahead as the brief court proceedings got underway. Details presented before court are that Mhotsha of Mogoditshane is implicated in a conspiracy to robbery following the death of three Batswana men in South Africa on the 26 July 2019.

It is said that the victims were robbed of P350, 000, ten thousand US dollars and a Samsung J72 cell phone. The deceased men were part of a team of seven Batswana headed to Durban to purchase vehicles. They were attacked along the Swartruggens road in the North West area between Mafikeng and Rustenburg by six men who robbed them at gunpoint and made off with the money. The prosecutor in the case asked the court to give them an opportunity to complete their investigations, adding that they also want to engage Interpol to assist them.

Magistrate Tshepo Thedi remanded the accused in jail pending further investigation. Mhotsha will appear in court again on 22 August 2019 together with two other accused. Botswana and South African police jointly launched investigations into the matter to establish the circumstances that led to the incident. So far, preliminary investigations have revealed that the robbery was an act of conspiracy between the suspect, Mhotsha as well as local and South African associates.

The case gets more interesting as more accused come out of hiding. This past weekend a confession was extracted from two other suspects, Poloko Seduke and Kefilwe Ramoitoi both aged 38. The duo subsequently appeared before court on Monday facing the same charge of conspiracy to robbery. Although investigations are still ongoing to piece together the puzzles in this case, it is widely believed that the three accused are part of a bigger crime syndicate operating between Botswana and South Africa that targets Batswana who travel to Durban to buy cars.

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