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Who Am I BW documentary launched to acclaim



MAKING AN IMPACT: Miss Gee Kays with well-wishers Source:The Midweek Sun

he Who am I BW initiative is a one-stop centre for exploring talents in the arts. Just last week, renowned people gathered at Masa Capitol Cinema for the ‘Who am I’ documentary and website reveal.

It is all love in this documentary; the energetic young people express themselves in poetry and also confidently talk about their future career paths in the arts industry. It is evident that Who am I is a new place to mould not only the young people but everyone since it just aims at killing that fear factor but allow one to express themselves. The vigorous talented upcoming poets of Botswana, groomed at Who am I get all the attention during Who am I poetry sessions that take place every two months.

However, the documentary came not in a way that was initially planned. Founder of ‘Who am I’, Khumo Kgwaadira aka Miss Gee Kays shared the sentiments that the actual clip was recently stolen, hence they had to put together everything from scratch to make sure that the event goes on as planned.
Had she not said this, nobody would have guessed that the documentary was not the initial piece prepared. The clips were just overwhelming, showing the pure talent that young people of Botswana has and how Who am I is making a positive impact in the lives of youth.

Who am I is an initiative which questions everyone about their purpose in life. It strikes to motivate everyone, thereby building their self-confidence and self-esteem to know that they are unique and can do whatever they know they are capable of doing. Kgwaadira’s bold voice is motivational because she speaks from the heart. She shares that Who am I came to be after she endured bullying over her acne for many years.

Nonetheless, the question ‘Who I am?’ came about and she definitely knew her happiness should not depend on what people say about her but who she is. Through Who am I, Kgwaadira has been to different schools in Botswana to motivate students. In one of the clips, one student asks her: “Is it possible for one to have different jobs at a go”? She assures them that it is all about being happy at what you do and balancing the time.

Media industry leaders such as the RB2’s Sakaiyo Jane could not stop embracing Kgwaadira for the effort that she makes through Who am I. He described the bubbly personality as a fearless young woman who was determined and always put energy into whatever she does.

determined for success and always put energy to whatever she does. On the other hand, Music Legend, Solomon Bame Monyame better known as Solo B also encouraged young people to strive to fulfil their dreams and use the Who Am I statement as inspiration to ensure that they represent themselves well and understand their essence. He added that Who Am I was a beautiful project for the country’s future.

Who am I is also sustained by School tours and breakfast sessions, where people equally benefit a lot from. So far, countries such as Tanzania and South Africa have approached Who am I BW to come and host some of their sessions in their countries. Kgwaadira expressed gratitude to her friends and the corporate companies who were present at her documentary. “The support that I have received is amazing. It means a lot to me,” she said.

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Hip-hop artist Kux has dropped a single dubbed Lefatshe leno, out of his latest EP titled That’s Me. The song is currently on high rotation on local radio stations and notable music platforms. In an interview with Vibe this week, Kuk said that he was pleased with the positive feedback to the song.

Born Kutlwano Kabelo Mokgatla in Selebi-Phikwe, 31-year-old Moshupa native, is also a composer and writer. He started his solo career in 1999. His first solo track, I Kicks It, was recorded by Young Sluggz and produced by Motswako Makaveli. He was still schooling in Johannesburg, South Africa then, and it was during this time that he got to interact with the likes of Zeus, KB and Samba T who he says are still some of his inspirations in the local music industry.

He recorded his second song Huskey with Loso and Lunatic in 2010. Lif Aman, produced by Skywalker Productions, recorded the song at Bazamele Records. In 2012 he put together a mix tape and worked with QBio and Uzzi among others. Last year he linked with GreedySkillz, which resulted in the introduction of long-time producer Lil Boi and signed onto his label Fiendz Music Records. “That is when we decided to fuse and create a dynamic apply named Motswako Palamente,” he recalls. Their track Shots played on Yarona FM for the first time in 2013. In 2014 he worked on a new EP titled L.I.F.E.S.T.Y.L.E ya mrepa.

The first single, Campus, featuring Saxxx, was released online and was downloaded more than a thousand times, and also featured on Yarona FM Hip hop show Headspace. In 2015 he recorded his second single Cough It Up featuring Jinx and Swazi Block. In 2016 he linked with Lanie and recorded and released a cover song titled R.I.C.O. originally done by Drake and Meek Mill, which raised heads for both of them. He later dropped his second mixtape, Phapha, which dropped later that same year. To wrap things up, he dropped BluChampagne. In 2017 he featured on Free, another single off Jinx mixtape. In 2018 he shot the video for BluChampagne and recorded a follow-up single titled CBD later the same year.

He says that he is working on more music individually and also wants to collaborate with local artists such as Apollo and Loosecat among others. He said he chose artists who he admires and has a strong following as this would also give him the vantage to extend into their markets. Kux also said that he is working towards a full studio album. He said he has international appeal and wants to create a brand that will be competitive globally.

“I dream of more than local awards…I aspire to clinch MTV and Grammy awards.” Earlier this year Kux was signed to Exclusive Media, which handles publishing, recording, vocal mixing mastering, recording, brand development, show outsourcing and general management. His management team explained that they are working hard to create a brand out of Kux and subsequently attract endorsements for him.

They said they had collaborated with several youth owned companies to help them build capacity and create seamless solid brands. “Through Exclusive Media, we have also created platforms for young artists, particularly those who are upcoming, to not only show them the ropes but also help them elevate their careers.”

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Oarabile Omaru Maruatona has published a book titled Abstraxtion, a collection of literary summaries. He recently explained to Vibe that an abstract in a literary sense is a summary of a larger text.

“The pieces I wrote are abstracts in both a literary and artistic sense. In this book, I take the reader through the exhibition of my abstracts, hence Abstraxion. This is a word I came up with, and it is as daring as the book itself is,” he said. He further said his context at the time he started writing is what got him to write in the first place. “In 2010, I decided to leave the best job I could ever have in Botswana, as a graduate with Debswana to return to Australia.

I had previously studied my bachelors’ degree in Australia on a Debswana scholarship. I probably had the best job any graduate could have at the time, and I spent it moving from one section of the mine to another until I had covered the entire mining value chain. As you can imagine, it was an amazing opportunity and I was getting paid for it. So to walk away from a gig like that, I had to think deeper about the new Australian opportunity, an industry PhD.

“This is a PhD that one does in collaboration with an industry entity who have a direct interest in the research or the research outcome. My PhD was in collaboration with one of the biggest banks in Australia and involved researching and developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be used in the bank’s Internet banking systems for security. So all this overwhelmed me and I felt like I was going insane at some point. I needed an occasional outlet. To reaffirm my sanity, I started writing short pieces, mostly reflecting on my experiences and learnings.

I have always been a keen reader and a conscious consumer of music so as I started to write, my musical, literary and other artistic tastes came together and the product was the unique style of writing and content found in Abstraxion.”  Maruatona further noted that he first wrote the book for his sanity and intellectual freedom, and mostly because he loved it. “Over time, I realized my topics were always political, Africanist, philosophical and somewhat activist.

I resolved that if these pieces had to form a book, it had to inform and inspire the reader. I also knew that the book had to be on-point content-wise, style-wise and timewise. I wrote every piece when I had at least an hour to write, most pieces were written in between times, which is why the whole book took the duration of my PhD.

The book includes 45 pieces and I cover a range of topics including the state of Africa, the global economic system, climate change, personal introspection, old African legends and a few homages including one to women, one to my unborn child and another to the people who have enriched my life one way and another.” Maruatona noted that this book is for knowledgists: those who love and seek knowledge. “The book came from deep intellect but the philosophical notions shouldn’t scare the everyday reader. It is a book to be read, shared and discussed.”

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