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Ozzy Photography finds niche in shooting weddings

Irene Shone



Ozzy Photography

For Osego Maseko of Ozzy Photography, photography started as a hobby but he now takes pride in it as a business.Maseko views wedding videography and photography in Botswana as a very lucrative business and suggests that it needs higher creativity.

His journey in photography started in 2013 whilst a student at UB. He would capture pictures at various events whenever he had an opportunity and some of his pictures would be published with the University newspaper, UB Horizon. This motivated him further and he gained confidence and worked around the clock to become a professional.

Later in 2014, he was absorbed by Oneline Multimedia Company where he was more exposed to the business aspect of photography. “I worked for two years as a photographer, videographer and grip between 2014 and 2016,” he said adding that they did successful projects such as Streetwise dance project.  At the same time, they started a business magazine called InBusiness, where he worked as head of photography for the first four issues before he focused on his own company that he had registered in 2013.

The 29 year-old young man has never been to school for photography but says his experience and passion created the name to his business. “Our bookings vary from weekend to weekend, sometimes we find ourselves having to cover three different weddings in a weekend, sometimes two or one.
“What we appreciate is that no month can pass by without a booking in our company,” he explained. He works with a dedicated team, which makes the work much lighter because of their dedication.

“I have a very wonderful team that keeps me going. Some started with this company when it was just a name, when we did not have even a single camera to our name. But they worked hard and grew the company. I have two full time employees and three freelancers,” he said.
They accept bookings from all over the country. This past weekend, they covered a wedding in Maun. Other places they have already covered include Maitengwe, Matsiloje, Tsabong, Tsetsejwe and Francistown, to mention a few.

He said their image is important hence “our uniform makes us that unique because we are always in our uniform at events. We have three different outfits. We also invest a lot on equipment for the perfection of our craft, such as camera stabilisers, speed lights, lenses and reflectors to mention a few, stand us out” explains Maseko.

He lamented that the market is slowly becoming saturated with unskilled photographers who charge close to nothing for their services, adding that photography should be about quality as an art. He chose wedding photography and videography as his core business because he believes in love. “We can also arrange for different shootings but I enjoy weddings because it is just heart-warming to create memories for people on this amazing moment of their lives. Just the thought of bringing happiness to people keeps us going,” he said.

Their day package ranges from P4500.00, depending on the client’s end product, while their two-day package starts from P8000.00 which could possibly have additional charges based on the option of the end product. For the package of magadi and two days coverage, they charge P12 000.00.Their wish is to grow their brand and regularly engage in corporate events photography as well as work on TV shows and at least a selected magazine.
Ozzy Photography can be
contacted at 74544574.

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SMEs benefit from Consumer Fair growth



The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) has applauded Botswana Consumer Fair’s continued efforts to improve small to medium enterprises’ linkages.

BITC Chief Executive Officer, Keletsositse Olebile, when opening the fair, said the event has provided interactive forum for both local and foreign exhibitors. He said the shopping show has enabled manufacturers, wholesalers and traders to market their products directly to consumers, an alignment to government’s endeavors.

“As part of government intention, we continually encourage local sourcing by retailers and distributors,” said Olebile who is just few months into his new post. He further celebrated the growth of Botswana Consumer Fair over the years, attributing the expansion to quality of goods displayed at the previous shows.“Improved quality and increased variety of wares increases the interest of the visitors and makes them look forward to returning the following year,” said Olebile.

This year’s exhibitors at the 13th event still running under the banner: ‘It is more than just shopping’ have been drawn from Lesotho, Zambia, Swaziland, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Japan, India, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Consumer Fair is a flagship event for Fairgrounds Holdings and provides a platform for small medium enterprises (SMEs) from the different sectors of the economy to showcase and promote their products and services. In addition, the SMEs are expected to establish long term business linkages and promote local manufactured goods.Fairgrounds Holdings is already optimistic that the Fair immensely contribute to the socio-economic development of the country through supporting SMEs.

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‘Involve SMMEs in standards development’-Minister

Keikantse Lesemela



Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Bogolo Kenewendo appealed to Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) to include the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) when developing the standards to improve the sector.

She said the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry has identified three areas of focus going forward which are modeled on SMME development, investment promotion and export development apexes. “I would like to implore you to include this sector in standards development processes and assist in improving SMMEs conformity to standards and compliance to technical regulations,” said Kenewendo.

Speaking during the BOBS Technical Committee Members appreciation ceremony on Thursday, Kenewendo explained that the important roles of standards are underpinned by the aspirations and intentions espoused in both diversified export led economic growth and job creation as priority areas. “It goes without saying that the diversification of the economy requires a National Quality Infrastructure and Technical Regulatory Framework that promote competitiveness of Botswana goods and services.”

She also emphasized that an effective National Quality Infrastructure and Technical Regulatory Framework are essential as they provide crucial links to global trade, market access and export competitiveness through their contribution to consumer confidence in product safety, quality and the environment.Since inception in 1997 BOBS has published more than 1700 standards through 48 technical committees across several sectors of the economy; 109 certification licences have been issued against some of these standards. Currently 46 Botswana Standards are being implemented through the standards regulations with a view to protecting the health and safety of consumers as well as protection of the environment.

On her note, BOBS Vice Chairperson of the Standards Council, Professor Edward Dintwa said standards are powerful tools for helping organisations that implement them to realize their potential, have access and compete in the global marketplace. “In this highly competitive and complex world, issues of sustainability and productivity, viewed from economic, environmental and societal perspectives require that businesses must be more efficient in their operations, which can be achieved through the implementation of standards”.

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