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BOMU descends into full-scale war

Keletso Thobega



KICKED OUT: BOMU President Pagson Ntsie

A storm is brewing at Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) following a ruling that Pagson Ntsie is not a legitimate chairperson for the music body. The Registrar of Societies passed the ruling this week.

Arbitration award documents between Phemelo Lesokwane and others as applicants and BOMU as the respondents indicate that the 2017 AGM was not properly constituted as per Article 8.4.1: that the said AGM did not form a quorum and that the election of the current Executive Committee is declared invalid and therefore set aside.The council ruled that an interim committee be set up, chaired by the Patron (Taolo Moshaga) and assisted by three members from the respondents’ side and three members from the applicants’ side, to facilitate preparation for the next elections; and that the interim committee should work on the amendment of the constitution in consultation with BOMU membership for submission at the next AGM.

The award also stipulates that the interim committee is charged with the responsibility of arranging for a properly constituted AGM to be held by the second week of July or second week of August 2019, to elect the new Executive Committee which shall take over from the interim committee. It further states that the interim committee shall, subsequent to the elections, prepare a detailed report and submit it to the Council before end of September 2019, adding that going forward, BOMU should comply with Societies Act and follow its constitution.

Lastly, the council assumed the advisory and arbitration role in order to ensure that both parties are heard. The respondents were given 30 days in which to appeal to the High Court. The arbitration council included chairperson Festina Bakwena as well as Joseph Orebotse, Ogomoditse Matsila, Mosweu Simane, Joseph Dikgomo, Master Matlhaope, Mavis Itseng, Kebonye Moepeng and Felistus Motimedi.

Lesokwane came to The Midweek Sun offices this week and claimed that some executive members of BOMU did not want him because he always questioned the manner in which affairs were conducted. “There were instances where the Constitution was not abided by and there were no meetings from district chapters, among other issues.” Lesokwane further claimed that Ntsie took money from individuals and companies under the BOMU name. “He has brought BOMU into disrepute,” he said. He produced a letter addressed to Ntsie in February 2016, from BOMU, which among others says that Ntsie should recuse himself. Part of the letter reads:

“In view of the significant contributions by yourself towards the association’s activities, we have received unclassified excuses from yourself; the bulk of it came immediately after the just ended 7th annual BOMU awards.” The letter further states: “Already, one lawsuit is pending relating to refund from one supplier and monthly rental cheque awaiting your signature, with more likely to follow as we are busy looking for potential sponsors.”

Lesokwane said that in 2013 he was part of the executive committee but in a previous conversation, Ntsie had told this reporter that Lesokwane was suspended from BOMU for five years, which meant his suspension is set to lapse in 2021. Lesokwane conceded that while he had once been suspended, the BOMU constitution indicated that a member could be suspended for not more than 18 months.

He said in 2015, the then chairperson Phempheretlhe Pheto had written him a letter informing him that his suspension had been lifted. Lesokwane said he was loathed because he often questioned financial management in the organisation. “There was once an incident where Ntsie had travelled to Francistown for presidential awards competitions when he had P20, 000 per diem.” He said he was surprised when workers who had helped were paid with cheques. “I raised this matter with then chairperson Alfredo Mos but instead of calling a meeting I was kicked out. I was surprised to learn that I had been suspended.” Lesokwane said he queried the way BOMU was managed with Registrar of Societies and was advised to write to the arbitration council, which he did.

The case was first heard last December and then early this year, while judgment was handed down yesterday. He said that when legally perusing information on BOMU, he had established that the organisation did not file returns among other shocking revelations. Lesokwane said that all he wanted was for BOMU to be legitimate and that all affairs should be done by the book. “Pagson has a day job at GTC as a lecturer or something like that. He should focus on that and leave BOMU for people who have experience in the music industry,” he said. He added: “I am happy that I have liberated BOMU and the music industry from capture. Most artists did not take BOMU seriously because of the type of management in place.” While he had previously spoken to this reporter about sexual harassment claims levelled against Lesokwane, when contacted for comment regarding the BOMU scandal two hours later, Ntsie suddenly did not pick calls and blue-ticked Whatsapp messages.

He later sent the number of Keotshepile Motseoanageng, also known as Berry Heart, and wrote via Whatsapp: “She is now my publicist on such matters.” Motseoanageng said she would convene a meeting today (Wednesday morning) to share certain documents. When asked what the documents contained she responded: “You will see.” She would not be drawn into commenting further saying: “I will call a meeting tomorrow. I hope you don’t have a cut off time,” she said. Continued efforts to get Ntsie to comment failed as he did not answer calls nor respond to SMSes.

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VACANCY: President of the UDC



Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) President, Advocate Sidney Pilane says Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) does not have a President.

He revealed this week that UDC leader, Advocate Duma Boko was given the leadership of the coalition on a temporary arrangement. Advocate Pilane who was addressing the media this week, following the expulsion of his party from the UDC stated that in the buildup to 2014 general elections it was agreed that Advocate Boko should be presidential candidate for UDC, an arrangement that ended at the time when the UDC lost the 2014 general elections.

“It was decided that Botswana National Front (BNF) should be given the presidency so that Advocate Boko could be our presidential candidate. The late Gomolemo Motswaledi of BMD was to be his running mate. We made this arrangement in preparation to taking over state power.

So, all that has passed, we contested and lost so it is all in the past,” said the BMD leader. He stated that constitutionally, the UDC has no president because the president has to be elected during the UDC elective congress. Advocate Pilane pointed out that UDC according to the Constitution should hold its congress every three (3) years.

He stated that even all the members of UDC National Executive Committee have to be elected at the congress and as it stands, “there is no president or Vice Presidents because they were not voted into those positions.”

Advocate Pilane said instead of building the UDC brand their colleagues at Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Botswana National Front have resorted to petty issues. He told the media that the leadership of the two parties have taught their members to insult BMD leadership and its members on social media and any other forum.

He had no kind words for the BCP, calling the party a divisive party that thrives on insults and divisive tendencies. He said the BCP leadership had encouraged its foot soldiers to use social media to insult him and members of the BMD.

According to Advocate Pilane, these are some of the things that have made the two parties remain in opposition for far too long without even coming close to toppling the ruling party. He described them as dishonest people who will plunge the country into chaos and that is why Batswana do not want to give them power.

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VIDEO: A Gaborone hotel Prophet caught in the act

Yvonne Mooka



In a matter that closely resembles that of a South African Cabinet Minister, Melusi Gigaba’s masturbating video clip, a visiting Zimbabwean Prophet, Ronald El Melchizedek of Altar of Grace this week denied that he has been sending nudes to church sisters and demanding same from them.

In fact, the ‘man of God’ has earned himself the name, ‘Botswana’s Omotoso’ by girls that allege he has sexually exploited them. Pastor Timothy Omotoso is a Nigerian clergyman accused of sexually exploiting over 30 young girls from his church in South Africa.

“He is an Omotoso and even though they hide it at his church, some of us have received messages from him asking for our nudes. Actually, he has asked for my nudes several times,” says one church sister.

The Midweek Sun has gotten hold of a 34 seconds video clip of the youthful prophet playing with his manhood. Looking like he is in a hotel room, the man stands fully naked in a muted video that, depicts him speaking and teasing the recipient. In a standing position, he starts off by caressing his manhood, giving it a close up and ends up lying on the bed, facing up.

At least three young women say they received the video from the prophet and that he usually asks for nudes from them. One of them actually says he has been pestering her, demanding to have sex with her. “He likes to send me messages of how horny he is for me. But again, he likes asking for nudes from women.

Even married women at his church have fallen victims of his sexual harassment. I left the church because he disgusted me by doing such things yet calling himself a man of God,” she says.

The woman however says that Melchizedek, a Zimbabwean who holds services at Gaborone Hotel when he is in the country, is a man of accurate prophecies. “He moves mightily in the prophetic but he likes harassing church sisters. It is known in his church. He is married but controlled by the spirit of lust,” she says.

The Prophet responds
Melchidezek told The Midweek Sun that he was aware of the video of him doing the rounds through WhatsApp, but was quick to label the whole thing a scam.“Yes we are aware. Those are scammers from Benin who hacked into my wife’s Facebook account and phone and stole our videos and pictures. So they wanted to blackmail us and we refused, that is why they are doing that.

It is just an effort to harm the work of God but God is in control,” he told The Midweek Sun. He would not be drawn into responding to, or even discussing the allegations levelled against him by church sisters, but instead gave this reporter a mobile number of a person he said was his wife.

The said woman confirmed that the video was posted by scammers. “That was done by scammers. We have reported them to Benin police,” she said. She however would not give the name of the police station nor go into further details.

This incident follows on last week’s revelations reported by this publication, where several girls spoke anonymously about pastors, prophets and ‘men of God’who were using them sexually in church. Many were uncomfortable to reveal their names, forcing this paper to also conceal the identies of the accused churches and pastors involved in the dirty acts in the name of God.

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