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Battle of titans looms in Mogoditshane

Tshepo Kehemile



FOURSOME BATTLE: Chillyboy Kgoroba, Tshephang Mabaila, Bruce Nkgakile and Chillyboy Rakgare

The candidates are poised. The scene is Mogoditshane constituency. The battle is for the hearts and minds of the 57 637 souls in the constituency that boasts 10 wards – Ledumadumane East, Ledumadumane West, Mogoditshane Central, Mogoditshane Central North, Mogoditshane Central South, Mogoditshane East, Mogoditshane North, Nkoyaphiri Central, Nkoyaphiri North and Nkoyaphiri South.

The incumbent Member of Parliament is Sedirwa Kgoroba of the Alliance for Progressives (AP). On the Umbrella for Democratic Change corner stands Bruce Nkgakile while McDonald ‘Chilliboy’ Rakgare represents the ruling Botswana Democratic Party after beating Patrick Masimolole at the weekend primaries. Meantime, Tshepang Mabaila who was recently suspended from the BDP will run as an independent candidate (Mokoko).

In the 2014 general election Sedirwa Kgoroba emerged victorious with 4180 votes for UDC and was followed by Rakgare’s 3846 votes for Botswana Congress Party while Masimolole was voted for by 3786 people.

UDC candidate Nkgakile told The Midweek Sun this week he is confidentof victory since the constituency wants “young and fresh minds”at the helm. He is ready to address the challenges of youth such as crime, lack of land and access to Government programmes likeYoung Farmers Fund (YDF).

For his part the independent candidate, Mabaila says he will tackle minimum wage issue as well as income disparaties in the country. He is also saddened by the dispossession of plots that residents suffer as a result of the mushrooming of import car garages.

BDP’s Rakgare will fix his campaign on the party’s manifesto to advocate for the people’s needs, which will include land, education, health and unemployment.As for MP Kgoroba he is banking on his acheievements during the past tenure to return him to parliament. He cites Ledumadumane ward, where he fought government against relocating residents. Initiatives in the pipeline include a development trust through which developments will be channelled.

Motsholathebe Selaki, 55, has registered to vote but has some concerns. “I am resident of Mogoditshane and I have not seen any developments in our area through the years, we always have problems when there are heavy rains as the water stops in our yards and make life difficult for us.”

Neo Motlhabane, 57, thinks none of the candidates can lead the constituency as there have been so many issues that have not been addressed over the years. “Our children have not been given land which was promised through some programmes” she lamented.

Onkarabile Thatayaone, 33, is aggrieved by services at the Nkoyaphiri clinic. “There are no doctors when we need help. I am going to vote for someone that listens to our concerns,” said Thatayaone. Other residents interviewed said they did not register for the elections because they don’t see their importance.

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Dikarabo Ramadubu



Kgosi Bokamoso Radipitse of Bakhurutshe ba Tonota got married to Mohumagadi Koontse nee Batsweleng of the same village in a colourful ceremony befitting royalty on Saturday in Tonota. The special occasion was held at the spacious main Tonota Kgotla, which boasts two permanent all-weather shelters fitted with public address system, chairs and free WI-Fi.

As with his installation two years ago, the wedding once again united the tribe as all members participated. Most impressive was the active involvement of the elegantly dressed Bazezuru women who formed part of the ushering team.

The royal couple arrived at the main Tonota Kgotla riding on a white chariot pulled by a horse. This was after parading in the main streets of the village for the villagers who could not make it to the main Kgotla. The chariot was escorted by a convoy of Honda Fit vehicles mostly owned by members of the Tonota Taxi Association and well wishers led by area MP and Minister of Tertiary Education, Thapelo Olopeng. There was also a convoy of V-8 engine Land- Rovers.

Mohumagadi Koontse is the daughter of Mme Kerotse Batsweleng in Mmandunyane. Batsweleng was born in Kanye at Ruele ward. The couple first met in 2011 during the population census where the Kgosi was absolutely smitten by the gorgeous damsel. The couple is blessed with two sons, Theriso and Seabo. Mohumagadi Koontse is still employed by government as a teacher at Makolojwane in Serowe.

The guest list included Magosi of different tribes amongst them Bamangwato regent, Sediegeng Kgamane, Kgosi Kebinatshwene Mosielele of Bahurutshe ba Manyana, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Kenneth Matambo, Ministers Olopeng and Kgotla Autlweetse. Although Kgosi Radipitse is a fully fledged Kgosi, he has however not been draped with a leopard skin in line with the custom.

The simple reason is that his father, Kgosi Ramosinyi who retired, is still alive. Tonota chieftainship succession is clearly defined. No one has ever challenged the lineage.

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Yvonne Mooka



On March 2, Katso Kaone Tlhobogang decided to go to a Red Tie gala dinner at Boatle, only to be ridiculed by social media users for her outfit a few days later.The 22 year-old Ramotswa woman had opted for a vintage look, with a loose peach skirt and green blouse that set tongues wagging.

When The Midweek Sun visited her, she explained the incident. “I hate tight clothes. I love colour blocking and I love pleated skirts. Before the event, I went to a store in Gaborone and honestly, when I saw the skirt, I felt it was long and big. The shop assistant however wanted me to buy it. I left and tried other stores but there was nothing for me. So I went back for the peach skirt and I remembered I had a green blouse to match it, so I bought it,” she says.

At home, her aunt Caroline Molefi-Jamieson asked her how she was going to dance wearing such a long skirt but she was having none of it. The aunt tells The Midweek Sun: “She actually danced for me in the skirt and she was feeling so free and happy.” Tlhobogang says that when she arrived at the event, people gave her some funny stares, something she says indicated to her immediately that her outfit was out of place. She however says she cared less and went ahead and danced. The event had a red-carpet and an official photographer and Tlhobogang did not hesitate to have her pictures taken as well.

“The photographer called me and I enjoyed the moment as I posed like crazy! Like Tyra Banks and them!” says the model, who is also a Certificate in Banking and Finance holder. She is currently assisting her aunt with running her pre-school. According to her aunt, last Thursday they had taken their pupils to Lion Park for recreational activities when she found 64 missed calls on her phone. Tlhobogang had left her phone at home. She says that when they got back to school around 4pm, Tlhobogang’s cousin called her saying people were ridiculing her on Facebook over her outfit. “I kept quiet and did not tell her anything. When the rest of the staff was gone, I then told her that her cousin was saying she was trending on Facebook.

But she took it lightly till we got home when she got hold of her phone and checked Facebook,” she says. She reveals that on that day, her niece could not eat and was weak. Her face was swollen, she says. “I even moved from my bedroom to hers because I was afraid she was suicidal. I had to force her to eat by taking her to Nandos the following night around 10,” she says.

Tlhobogang admits she was angry and sad. She states that out of 156 pictures shared from the event, hers was mocked because she was not wearing a skimpy outfit that exposes breasts and butts like other women. “They probably thought I didn’t qualify for the event. That I was a misfit,” she says. Next to her, Phenyo Molefi, her cousin, shared that he too had been taken aback by the Facebook posts. “Actually, on Thursday, I saw the pictures before she and her mom could, and I kept quiet but I was fuming.

If I had the means, I would have gone and dealt with everyone who insulted her. I spent the whole day sleeping because I couldn’t handle it,” he says. As fate would have it, the people that attacked and ridiculed Tlhobogang now have to eat humble pie as she is receiving love from all over the world – not just locally. People are calling her to give her vouchers for clothes. Others are simply sending her messages asking for her shoe size and clothing size.

She has received an offer to go to Turkey by a local minister’s wife for a shopping spree. Others have offered to take her to Johannesburg, Okavango Deltas, among others. “I have close to 80 clothing offers from people calling from locally, outside and countries such as China and Morocco. My tears have turned into joy. It’s so unbelievable how it has worked out to my favour,” she says.

Tomorrow (Thursday), a local designer Theo Bree Khumo is hosting a re-makeover session for her at Grand Palm. “I’ll be wearing the same skirt but she says they are going to change it here and there. Other ladies will come wearing a similar skirt but in flair designs,” she says.

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