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All politicians are guilty by association

Ernest Moloi



An accomplice is a fellow traveller – a collaborator or accessory if you will. If a crime is committed he also shares part of the blame, because he is a partner in crime, whether by deed or omission.

He cannot be absolved, he is liable – the extent or magnitude of the liability shall be determined by the presiding judge in that case. On this basis, it defies logic, even common decency that our politicians want to have their cake and eat it!

Our brothers especially Members of Parliament on the Alternative Side (read Opposition Parties) want to distance themselves from the actions of the National Assembly to which they are currently members.How this can be countenanced beats me! When a man or woman expresses interest – starting at the party level – to stand for election at either local or national level, he or she has already accepted the responsibility that goes with that office.

Once he or she has won either the Council or Parliamentary election, he/she becomes a Member of Council or Member of Parliament. It does not matter whether you come from either the ruling or opposition party. Neither does it matter if you are a man or woman – you are only recognised as a Member of that structure. As an MP, you are a member of government! Why, you ask? It is simply because Government consists of three branches – Executive; Legislature and Judiciary.

Therefore as a member of the National Assembly, you can’t hide your head in the sand and absolve yourself from the bad legislations that are passed by the majority party in Parliament and claim that you are not part of them.You are a Member of Parliament, full stop. Your salary is paid from the National Treasury. And your pay slip does not discriminate on the basis of party affiliation – it only recognises one classification – that of MP.

Whether you supported or opposed a Motion, Bill or Law is of no consequence, at the end of the day the decision of Parliament becomes a Law that binds all citizens. And when history is written you’ll be mentioned as a Member of that Parliament that passed the law, whether it is deemed obnoxious or delightful.Therefore, it behooves us the electorate to understand the power we wield over our representatives. It’s unfortunate that our politics and politicians have preyed on our apathy for so long to the extent they have changed the role plays.

They have since become the masters and we the servants!
Yet, you the electorate are the master, you call the shots! Don’t ever let the politician lie to you! Ask him to account for his actions because he claims to be acting at your beck and call, but is he?
Why if it be so, are you still groaning under his heavy hand; why do you not have control over your natural resources; why does he tell you when you can go hunting and when you can not, whilst he has fenced all the wildlife in his farm/ranch?

In a true functional democracy there is no law that can be passed by a group of 50 men and women on behalf of 3, 5 million people without the express consent of the 3, 5million electorate.
Politicians take the electorate for granted and in turn the electorate undermines itself by not exerting its real influence over events that shape life. Think about it, in Botswana if your corn/sorghum field is found to have mineral deposits, say diamonds for example, you are immediately told to move out?

Why then is it that these men and women sitting high and lofty in the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary own ranches and farms that are teeming with game or wildlife, – why is this wildlife not chased outside the ranches; why does it become private property?

The electorate must demand a just economic system in which all the resources of the country are distributed equitably amongst citizens! One group cannot live in the lap of luxury whilst another is made – form the cradle to grave -to scrape the crumbs that fall from the table.

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Ladies, go ahead and spoil your kings

Yvonne Mooka



FEBRUARY is the month of love and the hopeless romantics must be looking forward to nothing but love, romance and a little chocolate indulgence and all the good things.

On Valentine’s Day, observed on February 14 each year, lovers spoil each other and express just how much they love and appreciate their better half. Often times, as women we are the ones that get pampered. It’s as if the day belongs to us. Let me challenge my sisters to put their men first this Valentine’s. There is so much pressure on our men to make us happy. Why not spoil him this year? I will assist you with a few ideas.

Simplicity goes a long way with men. Women like diamonds, and sparkles, but men like kindness and thoughtfulness. When out with your friends and his coke and cup come, open it up for him and pour his drink, put some napkins next to him, add the sugar to his tea. The man’s sole job is to take care of you in life, why not take care of them in whatever way you can?  The most important thing a woman can be to a man, is that bright ray of sunshine in his life. After a long’s day work, men want to come home, or meet someone smiling with a positive attitude to lift his spirits.

He most definitely doesn’t want to meet a nag. Spoil your man and make him feel adored and be the smile in his life. The moment he sees you he puts that work worry behind him for a few hours and focuses on you. That way both of you gain out of the relationship, as opposed to coming home to a heated argument and sleeping mad at each other. You will just wake up more frustrated and the awful cycle will begin.

Men love soccer, basketball, or whatever sport seems to be trending nowadays. A super easy way to spoil your man is to pay attention to his favourite player and team, because that way you can personalise something meaningful to him. Opt for his favorite player’s jersey, instead of a perfume or a regular shirt, and print his name and lucky number on it. Just like we like jewellery, they like jerseys. When two people meet, there is a period in which he meets your friends, you meet his friends and the little acquaintances begin.

Why don’t you exert the extra effort and spoil your man by building a relationship with his close friends? Before you came along, these people were very important to him, and if they are important to him, they should be extremely important to you. Men love to see that their women care and appreciate. If he is picking on weight, go to the gym together. Be his motivation. Use words of affirmation to show him you’re his girl. Speak about progress and results.

Tell him you are thankful for the way he executes his fatherly duties, his providing for you, his efforts to make you happy and assure him of your support. Be his number one cheerleader.
Facebook/Instagram: Yvonne Tshepang Mooka

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It’s a shame: Death has been commercialised

Matshediso Fologang



This past weekend there were five funerals in the village part that I live.

Men, women and youth thronged the homesteads and the graveyard where funeral rites were conducted. As I sat amongst men old and young, I could not help but recall the phobia that I had of death and all the funeral rites that followed. Through the ceremonies I watched the mannerisms and the accompanying conduct of everybody around. I recalled how revered these ceremonies were in my youthful days. The adult men sitting near me expressed concern over the current generation’s funerals and associated rituals.

In the days when I was brought up certain things that are done were unheard of. The way people behaved was far different from that of the current generation. In the early days death (loso) was observed and conducted with much order and respect. The rituals associated with the burial ceremony were conducted with awe. These days things have changed. This time it would be unfair to blame the young people for the change in our practices. When I grew up then there were no mortuaries and funerals were done immediately. The ceremony was simple and conducted with less costs. Those of the family who were outside the village would always find the funeral done and completed.

In the current era funerals have to be carried out after all the relatives and the entire extended have been informed. As they wait for the arrival of far-off relatives, there is a feeding and catering to the entire village. This is an extra burden on the family. In the days past, whatever catering and food preparations if any, were minimal and cheap. Whatever was prepared for the people was given to the deceased family. The whole village shared the processes leading to the burial.

Death was a communal activity. This time things have changed. The funeral preparations and associated ceremonies have become very costly. The costs associated with death are far exhorbitant than those incurred by our parents. As families wait for a week or so before the actual burial it means they alone have to bear the burden. What has changed is the expense relating to the coffins and the use of marquees.

The families have begun a culture of hiring all the other things that were not known as I grew up. Death has been commercialized. As the families want to do what the “Jones” do next door, people have been lured by insurance companies and mortuary operators to join schemes that will provide for all the necessities for a well-funded funeral. This has the tendency to stretch people’s budgets. There are no longer simple funeral ceremonies.

What is even worse is that these modern funerals have also in a way become fashion shows. People come to the funerals dressed to kill and therefore unlike in the past many come there to show off their “labels” and the latest gadgets. The attendant burial activities at the graveyard are now a thing for the less privileged. The fashion mongers just look on from a distance while their heads are dipped into their phones. Yet these guys are the first to disregard protocol at feeding points once the burial has been concluded. Shame on us!

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