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Oteng Brown explains the science of Quantum Physics as an art of healing



In Quantum Physics, Oteng Brown sees not just a model for deeper understanding of the universe but the art of healing.

The Director of water molecular engineering company believes that with an in-depth knowledge of the gifts of quantum physics to medicine, humans will be better equipped to prevent disease and promote optimal health for everyone in the world. He talks to Sun Health about his ideas of merging quantum physics to create solutions that address imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit, to achieve optimal health.

Everyone calls you Dr Brown, but you are not a typical medical doctor are you?
No I’m not a typical medical doctor as per the highly, controlled, monopolised health system humanity finds itself in today. It’s because those who are thought to be Doctors as per current health system are not given full information about human health, 60% of the body is water and this larger percentage that sustains the human body they do no study it. If conventional doctors could add quantum physics to their education they could be able solve most health problems because quantum physics explains how the human cell works at its basic level. And so while I’m not doctor in the conventional sense, I can bring back the body to good health condition.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and why your name is on so many people’s mouths?
I was born in Francistown and studied at Mater Spei College, finished 2007 and went on to enroll at National university of science and technology(NUST) Bulawayo Zimbabwe after my high school privately sponsored. In 2012 I started learning Quantum physics at Low Lantent inhibition Group (LLI)Oriental Group of Dubai where I learnt a lot on the basics of the human body ,Water and physical environment .With excitement of what I learnt I decided to come back to Africa to share my knowledge. I have worked with Canadian based Doctor Ian Tietjen and Fraiser from Vancouver university via university of Botswana ,Department of Biological Sciences. I guess my name is on peoples mouths because, once all the modern health solutions and doctors fail you, that’s when I come in and bring the solution 99.1% .I basically heal people of clinically untreatable conditions using water with the shape of life.

You studied Quantum Physics. In very simple terms, can you discuss what exactly it entails and what bearing (if any) quantum physics has on understanding illness and health.
Quantum physics is the study of nature and behaviour of matter and energy at atomic and subatomic level. In very simple terms it is concerned with how the natural world behaves. Understanding of illness and health according to quantum physics is that both illness and health has frequency (energy or vibe) just like radio stations have frequency you tune into to pick up certain radio station of your choice so we can change the frequency of the ill body to pick up healthy frequency. Quantum physics is like God’s scientific power that all mankind cannot fall sick if they are allowed to exercise it. But we live in a world of controlled and monopolised information so that some may depend on others.

What services do you provide to your clients?
I provide mankind with the shape of life found in my water then their bodies feel better after long suffering. The issue is the shape of the liquid.

Take us through what a consultative session would entail?
I need to know your lifestyle first especially your profession and check body mass.

Conventional medicine for example antibiotics, have saved so many lives over the centuries (as a result of advancements in science). Why should we go back to basics?
Basics empower mankind and reduce dependency and therefore reduce unnecessary health bills for both government and its citizens. All the money in the world allocated to health is too much when nature already has permanent solutions for our ailments, if we paid attention.

Why is it important to get to the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms?
I believe you already know the answer to that. First of all treating the root cause is a forbidden practice in today’s health care systems. It is big business to keep people ill, just managing their symptoms so companies can make money. Some of your questions are controversial, dealing with root cause puts an end to illness.

What are your thoughts on the idea of Hippocrates’ quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”?
Well said 100% food is our most basic need and our building blocks. Hippocrates referred to organic wholesome food .You see the body has its own health frequency, vibe or energy and it’s maintained by organic food which has similar frequency. Anything else destroys the body’s natural chemistry.

Many people rely on nutritional supplements as their first line of defense against health problems. In contrast, you emphasise water. Why is that your starting point?
I did not emphasise water but water with the shape of life. It is liquid that has the ability to affect human emotions incase you feel stressed or depressed. Yes in the absence of water with shape of life, people may drink any drinkable water since the body will shape it to have the shape of life but this is energy consuming and that energy could be used for other body functions. Concerning supplements most of them are not absorbable by the body because they are not organic their frequency or energy is not similar to the one of the body.

How do you know, this water (with the shape of life) works?
Before I could do test and work with other reputable organization , during my studies we had to study the reality of nature before any organization or individual could give us scientific support. The reality of nature is this, the shape of life exist in nature to allow life to be in the way in which mankind can replicate that shape of life and succeeds .This is not my theory it’s NATURES theory. I had to study it share it with mankind for good health just like it’s also used in other areas like auto mechanics, mining etc for example the shape of life is found in your car wheels, the bolt and nut that hold your wheel has six sides that’s the shape of life it enables your car to move but for scientific proof that water with shape of life works, I did scientific test on in vitro investigation of anti HIV with (in vitro means in test tube) with Prof Kerstin Andrae-Marobela, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Botswana.

How can people take better control of their own health?
It’s a difficult question to answer because the answer is controversial but they can first make a decision that does not negatively affect their emotions found in the soul. The positive emotions like joy, peace and happiness have the power to prevent and eliminate illness as well as to raise white blood cells. Worry is often the cause of illness.

Above all and on top of the already known ways of keeping healthy, mankind must read books. Knowledge brings a sense of peace while ignorance brings worry. Notice I did not talk about food, water or exercising because most people know and do those things but still fall sick. STRESS AND DEPRESSION of the soul, are the hidden causes of illness today.

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Surviving endometriosis with natural remedies



What is your professional background?
I am a medical officer at Princess Marina Hospital and have been working there for almost two years. I’m currently in the Obstetricians & Gynaecologist department working as a General Practitioner. It’s one of my areas of interest plus my boss is awesome and LOVES to teach.

What got you interested in food?
I went to a med school in China, and around the area I studied in, they were very passionate about their food intake, as it is with all Chinese but particularly in my city, Changsha. So we were blessed as students to be exposed to different remedies all the time. I got very ill whilst there, and they treated me with amazing methods. The only other people I know that use mother- nature as their healer are my grandparents in Lesotho. So I guess that’s where my motivation comes from, plus my mum practices alternative medicine all the time.

What is one of the wackiest nutrition myths you have heard of?
That swallowing gum may stay in your stomach for seven years. My mum loved saying that to me hence I am not a big fan of chewing gum.

What are some of the changes and trends you have observed in the food world over the last 20 years?
I am not a certified nutritionist, I’m just a person interested in using what earth has given us. It saved my life. The dependency of pills and a lot of pharmaceutical products scare me. The world has woken up to see that we don’t live as long as we used to. Take the Asians, they outlive us and are very active in their old age and their diet is a big factor to that.

You have been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. Take us through that experience.
I was shocked but I was relieved at the same time, that at least I was not going crazy about my pain and the heavy menses. Plus, I had had a myomectomy, the surgical removal of uterine leiomyomas, also known as fibroids, done last year and that was horrible experience; so being diagnosed with Endometriosis was hard but a relief in the same breath.

How do nutrition and endo relate? Can diet improve the symptoms of endometriosis?
Honestly, regarding to this, there needs to be more information for the public. Since I’m not a nutritionist I cannot answer but can advise around it. There are so many theories of what causes endometriosis. So you need to understand your body first to derive a conclusion. In my case I first developed fibroids and did the necessary tests to try and find the cause. Then worked backwards from there.

In addition, research has shown that women with endometriosis often have higher levels of estrogen, and that estrogen can encourage tissue growth. Can an anti-inflammatory type of diet eliminate excess oestrogen from the body?
When attempting to relieve endometriosis symptoms naturally, begin by eliminating foods that lead to inflammation. This includes dairy, processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine and carbohydrates.
Eliminate these foods from your diet for at least three weeks, paying close attention to your body changing throughout the process.
Alcohol, soy and other high-estrogen foods should also be eliminated from your diet because of their estrogenic effects. Which means more super anti-inflammatory foods.

It is important to track symptoms so that potential triggers can be identified. Hence why journaling your progress is so important. Honestly those are some of the things I do which have been of big help. If you want more follow my page Dr. Tumie violet Mphusu. So we can discuss more.

Is there something specific that has made the biggest change in your health? A treatment plan you have formulated for yourself, maybe?
I am a big fan of natural remedies. When I get sick I always go to Mother Nature before seeking pills. So with my case, I realized that when explored the Daniel fast, follow my page for more details, my menstruation became normal. The first month, I remember thinking I was just lucky, but when I reintroduced certain foods in my life, the old horrific cycle returned.
The flow, my pain, my fatigue and other related symptoms. Diet is the key to how our lives will pan out in the future. You are what you eat.

Your last word?
Please remember there is no cure for endometriosis, and surgical or medical treatments remain the most effective methods of managing the condition. However, making dietary changes is a complementary approach that may help some women manage their symptoms. Keep in mind that just as symptoms of the disease vary from person to person, treatments that work best for one woman may not be right for another.  Take your time to experiment with different remedies to find the approach that’s right for you.

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Forgiveness is a virtue



It’s hard to get through life without experiencing some resentment. Executive Director – Phronesis International College (PIC) and Counselling and Psychotherapist, Peacebuilding and Life Skills Education Specialist Dr Thelma Kgakgamatso Tlhaselo-Majela discusses forgiveness and why letting go is good for you.

What forgiveness?
Forgiveness is a process that positions one on a healing path by choice in an attempt to resolve the psychological stress and trauma one could be experiencing. These pains and emotional injuries may stagnate one into feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment and in worse cases depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders. If left for long, protracted unresolved psychological distress and or trauma could deepen one more into multiple losses.

It may generate hatred and desire to cause harm on the other and this can throw one into revenge and or vengeance. Forgiveness then starts from the cognitive ability to choose letting go of the emotional and cognitive baggage thus granting the self or inner being power to constructively open portals of intrapersonal empowerment. Moreover, a well-integrated process of forgiveness could shift one into an empathetic and compassionate psychological space filled with virtue and psycho-sociological attributes of restoration that accentuate positive benefits of healing.

In your experience,what are the common issues that need forgiveness?
Life by nature is riddled with so many issues and challenges characterised by diversity and complexity hence appropriate understanding is very important. People are social beings that co-exist through healthy connectedness and this may happen at the physical, personal, socio-cultural, psychological, financial, spiritual; political level to mention a few.
We all need a deepened awareness on how the intra-personal (within self), inter-personal (with others), inter-group (within groups) and international (nation to nation) relational connections play out in life. These healthy relationships deserve to be developed, nurtured and protected lest they become dysfunctional and corrosive.

The common issues for forgiveness are varied and highly individualised. One person may look at what another is struggling with and may consciously or unconsciously belittle it because for them it appears an easy or small matter but people are unique and this deserves respect. The relational betrayals, emotional injuries, corrosive conflicts and intractable may result in residual emotions that can cause people to drift into anger and bitterness. In such accounts, people may find themselves responding through avoidance or seeking revenge which has the potential to cycle one back into deeper pain.

The complexity of forgiveness may originate from the nature and quality of the relationship one had, the nature of the wrong committed with the cognitive interpretations one ascribes to the event. This includes significant others such as spouses (couples), children, family relatives, colleagues, bosses and subordinates in the work place.

Sometimes, it may be people we do not know that have hurt us such as a murderer, rapist or an abuser and may not even acknowledge that they have done anything wrong to us. It may also be about the symbolic losses where the people and or situations to forgive do not physically exist such as a dead person or a geographic disconnection. In such cases, the existential reality of the phenomenon remains true, real and alive in the psyche of the emotionally injured person and requires a healing process.

Is it possible to forgive when one is still angry and can you forgive someone who does not think they have done anything wrong?
Forgiveness is a process that one does by choice for oneself and not for the perpetrator because one understands that the pain and suffering one is experiencing has a direct injurious effect on one’s life. Similarly, revenge and vengeance which for long has been one of the rudimentary human responses can only promote increased pain as it stagnates one into more hurt and pain.

It often cycles one back into psychological trauma hence one needs to perceive value addition in engaging in forgiveness because it can be logically and rationally incomprehensible when one is caught up in this quagmire. A bitter-angry person may grapple with cognitive dissonance which is an internal struggle to understand why they have to release someone who according to them deserves a punishment or better still refuses to acknowledge that they have done anything wrong.

But irrespective of the reason, holding on to anger, bitterness and resentfulness within the inner self can only grant one false gratification that they are holding the perpetrator to ransom. Needless to say, we have no control on how the other person thinks and feels and we may actually be subjecting ourselves to increased injury and punishment from the very issue we are contending with.

Seeking professional help will assist one to work through the psychological defence mechanisms such as denial, repression, rationalisation, reaction formation, regression to mention a few that may promote dysfunctional tendencies in un/forgiveness processes. Notwithstanding, people need to be assisted with respect for human dignity within them and never be forced and or coerced into forgiveness when they are not ready to do so. Given that anger will consume the person already holding the pain and hurt whether it is perceived or real, working on forgiveness can be a desirable option to open the healing process.

Can you discuss the rewards or benefits of forgiveness?
As can be seen, it often pays to work through forgiveness hence the concept of working it out because people respond to pain and trauma differently. The rewards and benefits shared in this context are not by any means exhaustive because there are several psycho-social models for assisting people to process forgiveness issues and this requires well trained service providers.

*People who are angry and bitter are often not desirable in social contexts because they may consciously or unconsciously spill this negative energy on other people and this tends to repel instead of attract social connections. At intra-personal level, we are likely not to find our inner life peaceful and enjoyable if we are ever stuck psychosocially on anger and bitterness because it may promote self-hate, poor self-concept and negative self-esteem. So it pays to be gentle to love yourself enough to desire good emotions about and towards other people for that will rub corrosively on your personal well-being. The benefits of forgiveness include enabling one to circumvent these psychological pains and trauma that can affect quality of life with self and others which may compound stress levels.

In extreme cases people may sink into depression and anxiety which could ripple into other areas of life such as sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, substance use and abuse, relational conflicts and psychosomatic illness. Forgiveness builds a healthy mindset and that attracts a healthy personality which consequently leads to healthy social and physical well-being. Forgiveness fills the inner space with good attributes and this is shared with others. We then by addressing forgiveness issues reduce on maladaptive tendencies and lift on psychosocial protection thus leading to safeguarding the intra-personal, familial, corporate and societal communities from effects such as divorce and relational stressors.

At corporate and industrial level, a socio-psychological space that is riddled with un/forgiveness is a breeding ground for visible and invisible costs. For instance, a huge cost can emanate from a collective environment that is unproductive because of collective stress and restlessness. A workplace where people are transparent and honest and regard others with respect to deserve forgiveness often tends to promote healing communities where others feel safe and do not fear hence they can work to the optimum level of their potential.

We also benefit as a nation when we are characterised by forgiveness because we have a strategic desire to promote a knowledge-based community as the foundation for transformational change. Botswana considers people as a reservoir for knowledge and wisdom to lead as change agents and if we are a community that is unable to work through issues of forgiveness, we may create or nurture a psycho-sociological space that disempowers collective construct for healing communities.

A Motswana who is able to forgive is likely to live with people from other backgrounds and has a healthy and broader capacity of dealing with diversity and differences with virtue and competencies for the 21st century to advance the nation at local, regional and international level.

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