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The alternative view With Brown Oteng

Why breastfeeding remains the best



Within minutes of being born unto this earth the newborn baby is subjected to earthbound toxins, bacteria, containments and viruses to mention just a few.

So in minutes it is the mother’s duty not, a choice, to arm the baby with defenses to withstand the daily onslaught by immediately supplying the newborn baby with breast milk, which starts educating the immune system by passing on colostrum which has TRANSFER FACTORS.

This Transfer immunological information creates immunity and defenses against the free radicals that cause cancer in children.Although the Transfer Factor is terrific whether it comes from another living source like a cow or from a mom, it can NOT come from FORMULA. No one can create what is GOD’s HOLY CREATION. We owe it to the infant, it is not a choice.

You have to start real organic or pure whole food eating habits and lots of supplements like green living foods and high phyto-nutrient foods to be a healthy host to a baby.You will ooze with highly nutritious milk, colostrum and transfer factor for your newborn baby. Feed for as long as you wish normally one to three years.Without your milk your baby will suffer ailments that would have not occurred had you breast fed.

The primary and secondary immune training functions of the thymus gland are weak in infants that’s why we need to strengthen immune system by breast feeding

THE TRANSFER FACTOR FROM MOTHER’S MILK – the messenger of health
“Transfer factor” is the body’s way of communicating information throughout the immune system about infectious agents it has encountered (IMMUNE SYSTEM).

The thymus is grammar school for Helper T-cells– they learn “about the world’s myriad bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms, both useful and potentially harmful.

“The helper T-cells then pass on or transfer specific messages about each threat they’ve encountered to other types of immune system cells – instructing them about how to recognise and fend off these known invaders in any re-infection”.

The messages are carried by the transfer factor, transfer factor enables all animal mothers to pass their lifetime “database” on encounters with infective agents to their newborn offspring

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The alternative view With Brown Oteng




WATER is not just a liquid but a substance which may keep and pass on information. This water enters the body and all substance in the entire body are influenced, causing high level of hydration, proper hydration carries nutrients into blood cells and flushes (movement)out toxins as never experienced before, resulting in regression of diseases.

Diet and exercise
Instead of moving freely and bouncing off one another, the red blood cells are connected in chains known as Rouleau Formation. These are dead cells which have lost an electron and are now known as free radicals that promote cancer. The cells are stacked like a roll of coins; the dead red blood cells are caused by loss of oxygen as a results of not exercising. Exercising causes heavy breathing as the body takes in more oxygen, allowing shallow breathing.
Overcoming Rouleau formation would require months of disciplined diet and exercise, it is a bad state of acidosis; acidosis is the birth place of cancer, disease state which, if not corrected, will proliferate into full blown disease.

To understand water with the shape of life, an example could be of kids playing and holding their hands together to form a shape of life, the H2O molecules will link up forming a shape with 6 sides which can be seen on the above picture with my head labelled 1 up to 6, the shape of life is created by invisible energy generated by special vibrating equipment; water with the shape of life is not easy to find on earth today
Instead of months of treatment, with diet and exercise, the change is miraculous within 10 minutes, thousands of blood cells that had previously been stuck together will be separated, floating around freely. All the blood cells would be rejuvenated back to perfect health and not a single cells remains connected as every cell will be oxygenated
The dead cells (no movement, free radicals) have now been donated an oxygen atom from water molecule H2O, instead of having 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen electron, it had hundreds of oxygen electrons to donate to free radicals, dead red blood cells.

Terms explained
FREE RADICALS: substances that have lost an electron (unstable). All objects on earth must be stable like a human being standing on 2 legs, even substances must be stable. Things like tap, bottled water, smoke, food additives, colourants and dead cells are free radicals. Free radicals like food colourants, additives, preservatives are put in your food for profit making, not for health benefits. FREE RADICALS will steal an electron from a healthy cell to get one they are desperate for an electron, this is the cause of malignancy, loss of energy, accelerated ageing and other diseases.

AN ANTIOXIDANT is substance that gives up an electron to a free radical, making it harmless, for example, WATER WITH THE SHAPE OF LIFE.
MOVEMENT: first sign of all living things is movement.

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The alternative view With Brown Oteng




Hypocrites the father of medicine says “the SUN and salt are healers of the body”

The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System that supports all life by a process called photosynthesis. The same process is used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms’ activities.

Photosynthesis is largely responsible for producing and maintaining the oxygen content of the Earth’

When an individual remains indoor they cannot get any vitamin D from the sun and are therefore unable to absorb calcium which is essential in healing.The most abundant mineral in the body is calcium to absorb calcium from your foods you must have vitamin D and that can be accomplished in minutes by being in the sun (in a swimsuit optional, mostly it is done by white people). We absorb Vitamin D in 20 seconds of being in the sun

Direct sunlight is important for more functions as the hypothalamus and pituitary needs to regulate your sleep patterns, your weight, body temperature, sexual functions and to a degree water balance. Hormones are thus stimulated and are important for the regulation of nutrients in the body.

Your head and eyes needs sunlight, remove the cap sunglasses, artificial hair, wigs for a while to absorb sunlight through your head and eyes. OUR EYES needs sun too don’t believe the indoctrinating advertising by wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses and make-up are not meant for beauty and fashion their purpose is to cause health problems to benefit corporations trading in the health sector.
The sun does not cause cancer, instead it is you shortage of certain elements that are required when in the sun that allow you to burn. Do you think the creator created the sun to cause health problems?

Once again the sun is a major benefactor to health and recovery from all illnesses when natural medicine is practiced. In the past EUROPE & USA hospitals would wheel their patients out into the sun daily for an hour or two because it’s very important for absortion of nutrients resulting in natural recovery.

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