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BABY JONAS: He still needs help

Jonas Ramojela has an inoperable congenital heart problem as well as abdominal ascites.The condition makes his stomach swell up. His mother Keakabetse Ramojela narrated that the condition started in August 27, 2017 when the little boy’s right side of my stomach felt like there is a stone inside.

Every Thursday she takes him to Marina where the urine (ascitic fluid) gets drained to reduce the swelling of the tummy. “At Princess Marina, they told me it’s the first time they are dealing with my son’s condition,” said the mother of three. Since that August of 2017, the boy has been a regular at Princess Marina Hospital’s Department of Paediatrics. Several scans have been run on him but to no avail. Several x-rays were also taken but doctors say there is no cure for the condition.

One Dr. Mazhani had this to say, “Ideally, the only solution could be heart or lung transplant which is currently not possible in our set up in Botswana.” Meanwhile, a University of Botswana charity organisation has come on board to raise P1 million to take the boy to a hospital in India that does heart transplants. Year Two Bachelor of Business Administration student Eric Karabelo who is behind ‘SaveaLife, SaveaChild’ initiative tells The Midweek Sun that they had identified a hospital in India that specialises in heart transplants.

He however says that response from members of the public is slow. “What I have realised is that people are more curious to know about the boy’s condition and even though they show sympathy, contributing money remains a challenge,” he says, adding however that he was optimistic that his ongoing meetings with big local companies and individuals would bear fruit. Details on the campaign can be found on Life Savers BotswanaFacebook page.

Meanwhile, the uncle of four-year old Jonas Ramojela says he is receiving intimidation from a Harare-based church called PHD Ministries for refusing to take the child to Zimbabwe to be healed with Prophet Walter Magaya’s anointed oils and water. Kennedy Ramojela, who has been speaking on behalf of his family regarding the health of Jonas, says he was told by the church representatives that the child would get healed if he is taken to Zimbabwe to meet the prophet. “They take turns in lashing out at me that I should take my nephew to Zimbabwe for prayers.

I have asked them to come here, but they are refusing. I have also asked them to continue praying for him despite the distance because I know God answers prayers anywhere, anytime but they are having none of it,” says the Roman Catholic church member.He says the church threatened that God is going to punish him for refusing to obey. “They tell me that my nephew’s illness does not need money but only prayer and holy water from the prophet.

“They are saying I’m wasting time seeking medical assistance, adding that the condition needs spiritual intervention only. “I tell them that the child cannot travel a long distance, but they curse me and say God is going to judge me harshly for refusing to go to Harare with the child,” he says, further asking for prayers from all churches. Efforts to get a response from PHD Ministries were futile as their phone rang unanswered.

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Kanye born actress on SA’s ‘The throne’



Kanye born star, Koketso Mophuting managed to grow her acting career to greater heights after securing a role in Isibaya and is now an actress on South Africa’s weekly drama, The Throne.

The Throne is a television drama centred on the Kwena royal family, which portrays a vicious power struggle on which every family member desperately tries to serve their own interest. The drama airs from Monday to Thursday on DSTV channel 161. Her acting career began a long time ago, through her taking part in the local drama ‘Thokolosi’ in which she played Katlego.

In an interview with The Midweek Sun, passionate Mophuting said that it is never easy to wave Botswana’s flag high in the congested South African entertainment industry, but that will not deter her from achieving her dreams.

“Nothing good ever comes without hard work, I encourage local artists to work hard enough to build their own legacies,” she said.The 29-year old actress took part in a short film that was produced under her newly formed production company but has not been screened yet.

Mophuting also played ‘Gugu’ on Single Mothers and she had appeared on a television production called The Bantu Hour.Mophuting will be seen playing the role of Sethunya, a character in which she uses her beauty and charm to acquire better things for herself. “It is an exciting year to grow my brand and mostly my acting career,” she said. The Throne is a production by Ferguson Films owned by Connie and Shona Ferguson.

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For a long time, majority of Batswana have been shying away from holding conversations about sex and according to local author, Kagiso Bareki, many relationships and marriages do not last because of poor sex life.

Speaking during Gamaila Authors Empowerment Session and Exhibition, Bareki hinted that bad sex has destroyed majority of marriages and love affairs, hence he saw the need to write his book dubbed ‘Sex and Intimacy,’ which mainly teaches people how to have sex.

He has written 16 books, mainly Christian books and some novels. He encourages authors to keep writing books and confidently shares that writing books has destroyed his ability to work for someone else, as it is a career on its own.

Bareki said he wrote his most talked about book ‘Sex and Intimacy’ after he realised that majority of Batswana are bad at having sex, both men and women. “We have never been taught how to have sex, we have been taught how to communicate and how to budget but not how to have sex. The book I wrote capitalises on ‘how to,’ that couples need to properly do the foreplay, massages and know how to kiss during sex,” he said.

Asked whether there is a specific gender that needs to be taught how to have sex Bareki said that all genders are affected.“Re na le mathata. This sex issue is wrecking marriages and love affairs. Sex is a topic that we often avoid because some are just ashamed to speak about it openly, yet it is important,” he added.

Bareki has challenged married couples to create a proper environment for sex, further stating that there are things specifically designed for sex, such as enhancements, food and sex furniture that accommodate many sexual positions. “There are foods to eat during sex, yet many couples do not eat during sex,” said Bareki. He also said the book includes rules of sexual enjoyment, vaginal dryness and many other interesting topics.

He shared with authors that he promotes his books through the internet and that he has already sold 10 000 copies. Other authors who graced the event were Koziba Sebina, who is a professional speaker and international success coach, Belinda Lekone who spoke about her book, ‘Against all Odds’ and Member of Parliament for Kanye South Abram Kesupile.

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