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Mabaila is Mokoko wa Domkrag



SECOND ROUND: Tshepang Mabaila

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) youthful member Tshepang Mabaila has backtracked on his initial decision to rally behind his party and has decided to contest for Mogoditshane Constituency again.

This is despite the apology he recently made to pull-off from contesting as an independent.  Speaking to The Midweek Sun Mabaila said he was played by someone from the leadership of the party. “I was told that when I withdraw my candidacy from IEC and call a press conference the President will lift my suspension from the party,” said Mabaila. He said to his shock upon following the matter up, he was told by a senior member of the central committee and Vice President Slumber Tsogwane that President Mokgweetsi Masisi knew nothing about the apology letters he made.
“I then decided to contest as Mokoko wa Domkrag because I will never join any party. I was born a BDP and will die a BDP member,” says Mabaila.

He says he has nothing against President Masisi and is adamant the president did not plot his downfall. “It was deliberately done by one man whom I cannot mention. He planned my downfall to replace me with Chillyboy Rakgare.” Frustrated Mabaila said despite all the divisive stunts, he will always respect and honour President Masisi as the leader of the country.

He said he submitted apology letters to Tsholetsa house, Office of the President and the other to Chairman of Communications and International Relations Banks Kagelelo Kentse.Reached for comment about Mabaila’s decision, BDP Parliamentary candidate for Mogoditshane, Rakgare said there is nothing like ‘Mokoko wa BDP’ and that he is not amused by the decision. “I would not want to comment much about anyone’s candidacy as Botswana is a democratic state, by that everyone is free to contest. But for someone to say he is contesting as BDP mokoko is utter rubbish and criminal, it is purely soliciting votes ka boherehere,” said Rakgare.

Rakgare said that BDP is an oiled machine and ready to win Mogoditshane constituency. “The country was a mess because of those kinds of people and their friends, who hate the party president, we are running a clean campaign with clean money,” said Rakgare.

Asked about Mabaila’s letters, Chairman of Communications and International Relations Kentse, said he received an apology letter from Mabaila but it was an unofficial letter. “He gave me the letter as Banks, not as the BDP chairman of Communications,” he said.  Mabaila was slapped with a five-year suspension by BDP national disciplinary committee for allegedly influencing some BDP Members of Parliament (MPs) to pass a motion of no confidence against Masisi.

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FREE AT LAST: LGBTI persons celebrate

Yvonne Mooka



CELEBRATION TIME: The LGBT community celebrated the historic ruling on same sex romance this Tuesday

Thapelo Matshameko, a transgender woman who last year was attacked at Trekkers night club in Gaborone is over the moon about the High Court ruling that overturned a law that criminalised same sex relations.

A trans-woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth. In response to the ruling, she told The Midweek Sun that even though she has had it tough before with people calling her ‘Brazen’ and to stop behaving like a woman, she is now happy that the law recognises that they exist. She said that Batswana are now becoming tolerant towards Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgender and Intersex persons.

“Recently I went out for dinner with my bae, and I came all the way from my house wearing a dress. People that know me loved it and my boyfriend loved it even more,” she says, adding that the verdict will also help other LGBTI persons that are in the closet to come out.

In a previous interview Metshameko pleaded for assistance from members of the public to help her do a surgery that would make her a complete woman. For Motswakgakala Sithole also known as Motswafere in music circles, the ruling shows that Botswana is one step closer to gay marriages.

“Thank you to all the visible gay people. We take punches for those hiding and those shaming us for being visible and exercising our rights. You guys attended court cases with pride and you have carried us to freedom,” he said.

He also thanked Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO), lawyers in the case, the media, and friends of the LGBTI community for their support. Phio Kenosi who identifies as trans non-binary asexual woma-romantic, (romantically attracted to the feminine essence), was also ecstatic.

“It is obviously showing that we are moving in a new direction that is positive and inclusive towards sexual and gender minority,” he said.

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Wame – a little einstein in the making

Irene Shone




Wame Petit Kangumbe, 12, is an Optometrist in the making.

Kangumbe envisions taking Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to the next level by inventing something scientific in the future.The standard 7 pupil at Ratsie Setlhako Primary School in Palapye impressed everyone during the BIUST 5th STEM Festival and Research and Innovation Symposium with her sharp answers during the fest.

The little Scientist believes that the entire country should embrace science and do more experiments, to find out more about our physical environment and shed dependency on foreign countries in terms of Science and Engineering.

Her secret to relating with different topics so well, is research and more research. “I like researching. We have Wi-Fi at home, and so I often use my mother’s phone to type different topics and interact with how everything is related. I always prepare for the next lesson through researching,” she said.

She said the poverty in Africa can only be eliminated through STEM. “If everyone could take interest in STEM, we would go further in terms of uplifting the status of our economies as African countries,” she said.

She urged her peers to believe in themselves and be serious about their education. “When you write down your notes in class, make an application of what you want out of them. Everyone’s life is in their own hands,” she advised.

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