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Mobile App for jobs

Tlotlo Mbazo



Failure to secure employment by some qualified young people in Botswana has been partly attributed to the recruitment literacy gap.

IBranch Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tshepiso Leinane explains that often-times qualified young people fail to secure jobs because of the way they present their qualifications and skills in a job application. IBranch, a product of Leintel Codemasters Holdings is Botswana’s first business-to-business social media platform that primarily operates as a mobile App that makes it easier for job seekers to receive employment opportunities straight to their mobile phones wherever and whenever.

The App, a result of two years of hard work and research, bridges the gap between employers and the unemployed population across Botswana regardless of age, area of interest and qualifications.
According to Leinane, since their official launch a year ago, they have been able to facilitate employment for over 200 Batswana. The company now has introduced yet another initiative, a weekly radio show dubbed IBranch Radio Show on RB2 that starts this Wednesday mornings at 10:15 in their efforts to further fight youth unemployment.

This is the first of its kind in Botswana with the sole purpose of bridging the recruitment literacy gap. “Every year our country suffers socio-economically due to the high unemployment rates among the youth in Botswana,” he says. Through the Radio Show, IBranch gives human resources practitioners and employers from various sectors including mining, health, finance IT and accounting an opportunity to discuss live on the show and network with job-seekers on a nationwide scale. “This networking allows for seamless sharing of information between the employer and the jobseekers,” Leinane says, adding, “We started this initiative after realising the mistakes jobseekers make when applying for jobs through our mobile app.”

He believes that through this facilitation, job seekers will be able to get first hand advice and tips directly from the employers on national radio. “This will consequently equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to increase their chances of securing jobs,” Leinane says. According to Leinane – a computer science undergraduate from the University of Botswana, the App primarily assists job seekers who do not have access to other sources of information like newspapers and websites for vacancies, especially youngsters who are fond of social media.
Leinane, 23, works with three other youngsters, Otshepeng Opadile, 23, Motshidisi Molelwane also 23 and Arona Motsemeng 25.

The quartet is proud that since inception, their App has assisted employers and job seekers beyond Botswana including in the US, where the App already has 25 users. “We still however, cannot confirm whether these users in the US have been able to either find employment through the App or recruit through the App,” Leinane said in an interview. They have plans to launch in South Africa next year and spread their services to Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Canada, Kenya and Syria. IBranch has also partnered with other like-minded companies on Facebook to ensure an efficient service.
“We work closely with Get A Job Botswana which has over 200 000 followers on Facebook. Whenever Get a Job Botswana flights job openings, we provide a link that applicants can easily link to start the application process.”

The App provides real time notifications to users, who are currently over 100 000. When employers post their vacancies, notifications reach users in real time. In addition, the sophisticated backing system also allows for users to access the service offline in the event that there is no connectivity. Leinane is also quick to state that a majority of recruitment platforms target graduates, and leave out certain groups.

IBranch on the other hand prioritises overlooked content by including a variety of vacancies that require a wide range of qualifications from junior certificate, Cambridge and university level.
The App caters for all groups and ages from temporary jobs to permanent jobs. Some employers have validated the App, stating that it is an effective tool to use. One such is Minister of Tertiary Education, Research Science and Technology, Thapelo Olopeng who interacted with the youth company at the Youth Expo and sought their services.

“I asked them if they could help me look for a suitable Farm Manager and Herdboy and I liked the efficiency and timely feedback I got from them,” Olopeng says. He emphasises that in an era that Botswana wants to embrace a knowledge-based economy such initiatives and innovations by young people are highly appreciated and need to be supported. Managing Director of CapSuite, Gaokgakala Tubutubu also believes that IBranch is an effective tool for employers. His company employed two people in the past as a result of the facilitation by the App. IBranch has partnered with Orange Botswana and the Botswana Innovation Hub to make the non-profit radio show a success. IBranch won the Best in Science and Technology Award at the Youth Business Expo, and were second position at the Botswana Youth Awards for Best in Innovation and Technology this year.

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He was shot!



The family of Rakops Chief Letang Segaise is convinced that high-ranking officials are behind his gruesome murder.The family has vowed that it will not rest until justice is served. Segaise was laid to rest last week after his burnt body and car were found in the bush a few kilometres away from the village.

The chief had been missing for more than 40 days. “Of course we know who is responsible (for the heinous crime) it’s just that we do not have enough evidence to prove it but this was a well-orchestrated plan by big names with flourishing bank accounts,” said an angry family member who preferred anonymity.They believe that the killer is well prepared and has covered his or her tracks well to reduce chances of ever getting caught.

They say people were hired to do the dirty job and that the “big guns” behind the murder are watching quietly from high places while “we waste our breath screaming for justice.”
This week Segaise’s family accused the government system of failing them. A member told The Midweek Sun that they have long asked the Police to grant them permission to go on a peaceful protest against ritual killings in the village but are being sent from pillar to post.

They said they went to the police for the permit only to be told that they should seek help from the District Commissioner, who allegedly sent them back to Police.Rakops station commander Thito Freeman said he advised the woman who called him that they have never heard of a family wanting to demonstrate because they would not know how to classify them.

“Permits are obtained here and it is normally organisations or unions but a family is a first and I do not know where to place them in the eyes of the law,” he said.vThe family member said the family is now scared to publicly air their opinions because it is proving extremely hard to reason with the government. “How can we reason with them when they do not want to listen, we are nobodies to think we can take on the mighty government.

“They will easily squash us and airing our views here on newspapers is angering them,” they said. The family shared that they have received a half baked report that indicates that Segaise was shot with a gun on his left ribcage. They suspect that the criminals who killed their father were aiming for his heart. The family is now struggling to come to terms with what happened to one of their own, whom they described as a departed hero, The family member said acts of people disappearing without a trace in the village have become commonplace, but nothing is being done about them.
It is for these reasons that they wish to unite the community with a peaceful demonstration.

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‘I have lost a pillar’

Yvonne Mooka



HAPPIER TIMES: The late Roda with Rorisang

Rorisang Matlhaku – boyfriend to the late Rodah Putsini Kegontse – says she was an ever-smiling girl who loved giving people advice and was always there for them whenever they were experiencing challenges.

Kegontse, 19, took her own life two days after Independence holidays inside Matlhaku’s house in Ramotswa. In an interview with The Midweek Sun this week, he narrated the painful ordeal.
“She had travelled to her home village of Kanye for Independence. She surprised me by coming back to me after two days.

“There was an entertainment event which we both attended with friends,” he said. Around midnight, she asked to be dropped off at Matlhaku’s house, where he said he would join her a bit later.
Matlhaku stated that around 2am, he asked his younger sister who was with him at the event, to go and drop him off at his place. “As I passed by the bathroom, I noticed the bathtub was full of water and I thought my girlfriend had probably just finished bathing.

“When I entered the bedroom, I saw her lifeless body hanging inside the wardrobe and I quickly called my sister to drive back to my place,” he said. Matlhaku, 27, said that she had no clue what could have led his girlfriend to take her own life as she was likeable and jovial. “She was the most loving person I had ever met. She put me first before everything. When I asked her why at that age she loved me that much, she would say it was embedded in her. She even quit alcohol saying it wasn’t right that she was drinking while I wasn’t,” he said,

He said they started dating this year March. But again, he said Kegontse exhibited signs of depression. She would tell him that she used to burst into tears while in class while at secondary school becaue she felt at the time that her spirit was not well or that nobody liked her.

“She felt she wasn’t beautiful enough, that she was worthless and that people were always mocking her about her weight loss, but I always assured her that I loved her with my whole heart,” he said.
He described her as a simple person and a God-fearing young woman. “Whenever I came to her with my problems, she would advise me like a mature person, leaving me feeling better.

“She even joked that I should pay her because I had turned her into my business advisor. She used to call me every morning saying I should wake up and go and work for Basmati rice and not pap, saying we should aim higher and work for expensive things. She was my pillar,” said the man who runs a horticulture business.
Kegontse was buried this past Saturday in Kanye.

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