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“My father is my hero”



At a tender of age of 11 years, Albertinah Monageng had no choice but to take care of her HIV positive father after the death of her mother. The father is popular activist Stanley Monageng who runs an NGO called Thusang Bana in Molepolole. His late wife was however, HIV negative. Now 21, Albertinah, a BSc Honours in Computers with Botho College tells The Midweek Sun her story. Instead of going out to play with her friends, her daily concerns were now a matter of life and death. Suddenly the child had to bath her ill father, change and feed him.

She even had to take him to the clinic for checkups and to collect his medication. She also had to ensure he took his medication on time. Monageng, 72, has been open about his status since he was diagnosed and he goes around teaching Batswana about the disease and preventative measures such as Treat All. He has been living with the virus for 17 years now. When he met his wife, she already had three children and they had two more together. Holding tears from rolling down his cheeks, he says that back then when he contracted the virus, people living with HIV were shunned and ridiculed.

“My stepdaughters didn’t want anything to do with me and there was a time when we had to take one of them to court for insulting me about my status,” he says, adding they didn’t want to share anything with him. When his wife passed, the two kicked him out of their home. What Albertinah, or Tinah as she is affectionately known, remembers is that even though she was young, her parents called her and her siblings and told them that their father was HIV positive. “It was not neighbourhood gossip, they sat us down and told us.

I was hurt when my siblings kicked dad out of our house,” says the last born, adding that her late grandmother even fought with her father for her custody, saying he was sick and going to die. She later followed her father and went and stayed with him and continued taking care of him. Tinah had seen her father at her worst. She recalled one time when he reacted to ‘a medication that made him thin to a point of thinking he was going to break his bones.’ But she says she had to be strong for him. At primary school, the young girl stunned her schoolmates and teachers with a poem to celebrate her father. “My father is a hero. My hero. He stood on top of trees to talk about HIV discrimination,” so goes the poem.

She tells this publication that she is proud of her father. “I never discuss his status with anyone, not even with my friends. He’s been popular since I was young. It’s better when it’s him sharing his story. I love him so much,” she says. She advises children who are taking care of their HIV parents to continue doing so with love. She also urges them to take protective measures to avoid being infected. “The status doesn’t change anything. He is still your parent and needs your love and support,” she says.

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I broke the law in good faith – Moswaane



YES I ERRED: Ignatius Moswaane is weary of some within his party, BDP.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Francistown West, Ignatius Moswaane, has his electorates behind him. The maverick MP has recently found himself on the wrong side of the law after circulating a graphic video clip on social media depicting a woman in South Africa being brutally knifed to death.

At a consultative meeting with his constituents at the Leseding Hall on Saturday, he explained that his action was done in good faith. “I am a member of the SADC committee that deals with issues of abuse and harassment relating to women and children. I shared the video on facebook with our parliamentary group. This was to bring about awareness amongst ourselves on gender violence and brutality against women,” he said to the bemused audience. Moswaane, who admitted that he broke the law, swears that, the video was leaked deliberately by his enemies in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to put him into trouble with the law and jeopardise his political career.

The outspoken legislator claimed that when he shared a similar video of an unnamed country in the past, he achieved the desired results because the SADC committee he is a member of, took up the matter and an investigation was made. According to recent media reports, the MP has been viewed with suspicion of disloyalty to President Mokweetsi Masisi given the ongoing feud the state president has with his predecessor Ian Khama. Those looking at him with suspicion have suggested that he was loyal to Khama who is leading a crusade to topple Masisi from power at the general elections this year.

According to Moswaane, some with vested interests in the BDP want him out of the race for Francistown West constituency so that their preferred candidate may contest in his place. “I do not think it is the party. Maybe it is just some individuals in a faction within the party.” After the video was leaked, BDP Secretary General Mpho Balopi issued a statement expressing dismay at the circulating video.

The MP however, does not see the video clip incident in isolation. He is convinced that considering his motive of sensitising people of the brutal act, he should have been warned instead of being arrested and his cell phone taken away from him. “It is clear that DIS is looking for something else in my cell phone which has got nothing to do with the video,” said Moswaane who accused the spy agency, DIS and his political opponents in the BDP of working against him. During question and comments time, a woman who introduced herself only as Senjoba, called for financial support for Moswaane should he need the services of a lawyer.

Another speaker, Moalosi said that what was happening to the MP was an indication that no one is safe. “The opposition has always said that DIS is used for witch-hunting. It shows we are also not protected,” he said. Olebile Motsamai called on the people to protect their MP. “As the electorate, you know what to do to end these things,” said Motsamai. The legislator

recounted a number of instances where some of his constituents have come to confess to him that DIS had offered them money to help frame him but they refused. This is not the first time that the MP has accused DIS of being used for political ends. The head of the spy agency, Peter Magosi has, in the past, rubbished Moswaane’s claims that he is being followed.

Moswaane’s collision with the BDP leadership is not new as he has also clashed with the leadership of former president Khama. In 2009 Moswaane contested and won Monarch south ward as an independent candidate after rejecting the primary election results which he found controversial.

In 2013 he and the BDP were disqualified from contesting a by-election by the Independent Electoral Commission. This was after the party had neglected to hear Whyte Marobela who had challenged the primary election results involving himself and Moswaane.

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NOT TRUSTED: The BNF veterans body does not trust anything with BDP roots

Botswana National Front (BNF) Veterans Association is cautioning the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) to “tread carefully” regarding a possible working relationship with newly-formed Botswana Patrictic Front (BPF).

“UDC has to tread carefully because BDP never changes and the opposition never learns,” said the Association’s Chairman Patrick Kgoadi ahead of their meeting this weekend.The BPF is the latest breakaway offspring of the ruling party and is backed by a number of former BDP’s disgruntled members among them former president Ian Khama, former minister Biggie Butale and Tati East MP Guma Moyo. At a recent meeting in Serowe, Khama confirmed the membership of Moyo while over this past weekend, Butale insinuated that former minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi was also a member of the new party.

Kgoadi said even though it might be seen to be a good thing to work with BPF, the opposition should vigorously scrutinise the party and its intended purpose as the relationship could backfire and cost the opposition victory in the national polls. The purpose of the Saturday meeting is to discuss the collapsed structures of BNF, preparations for 2019 general elections, developments at UDC and formation of new party BPF.

According to Kgoadi, they have observed that the BNF structures are not as active as they should be especially during the election year.“Our structures used to be more active on election year. This year things are just blurry and this is worrisome. Even at UDC level BNF should be playing a leading role not only in the presidency but across the country. “We always have to be taking a leading role as a party that plays a significant role in uniting opposition parties.

“So as veterans we would be discussing these issues and how we could advise both the BNF and UDC leadership,” said Kgoadi. The veterans have since the formation of the association been at loggerheads with the BNF Central Committee on how things are run both at the BNF and Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). The veterans have thus been accused by the party leadership of always blowing things out of proportion and failing to use proper party channels when discussing internal matters.

BNF Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa has on several occasions pointed out that the veterans have served the party for long and should know processes and procedures to be followed when addressing internal matters. He expressed concern that the veterans always use channels that are not sanctioned by the party and its constitution. Kgoadi said the BNF central committee has for long been disingenuous and refused to meet them since 2017.

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