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Bishop Monchusi: Anointed for healthy and strong marriages



For a man who has been married for 38 years, Bishop Edward Monchusi has found the secret to a lasting marriage, and that he says, is love. Marital vows can be kept, and marriage can last forever according to the Bishop Monchusi-the leader of Pentecostal Protestant Church in Kanye.

In his own words, marriage is a covenant, and not a contract. “Marriage is still beautiful, and it can give you a taste of heaven on earth,” he says. The man who without doubt, is called by God to help restore marriages tells The Midweek Sun that the first time he conducted a marriage seminar was in 1991.

He has seen couples at their best and at their worst. He gets called to counsel bachelors and spinsters as they prepare for marriage. He also conducts wedding ceremonies and is always available when married people are going through tough times.

He has conducted hundreds of weddings across the country and those that he has helped say their marriages always last. In one incident a couple called him in the middle of the night during a misunderstanding. “It got tense to a point that the wife wanted to refuse to go back home with her husband. But after talking and praying together, they left in peace,” he says.

His observation is that youth are quick to say they are divorcing as compared to older people who understand perseverance better. “A lot of couples that come to me are those that have already made up their minds that they are divorcing,” he states, explaining that couples also often reveal that intervention of families had failed.

He also says the problem in marriage is that people marry for wrong reasons and quit when their expectations do not become fulfilled. He says marriages fail because couples do not understand sacrificial love. They keep a record of wrongs and do not want to admit their mistakes when they have wronged their spouses. “Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is the foundation of marriage, and it will build it,” says the Bishop.

He is of the view that couples are together because of love and they should make their love for one another the problem-solver when challenges arise.
Bishop Monchusi urges husbands to love their wives in order to have happy homes. He is of the belief that ‘A happy wife makes a happy home.’ He also encourages wives to support their husbands as it will make them work harder in providing for them.

He further advises couples to constantly ask one another whether they are satisfying one another so as to correct themselves. He says watching too much television is not right as it steals family time. He also encourages couples to exchange gifts and to use family planning methods.

Local taxi driver Otsile Mpitsang says Bishop Monchusi conducted his wedding in 2013 following a series of pre-marital counselling. “He knows the deepest secrets to a happy marriage. When you think of quitting, his assuring words will always haunt you to stay right back on track,” he says.

Prophetess Kebelaele Ditsebe says weddings conducted by Bishop Monchusi never fail. “He is anointed for strong marriages,” she says.
Call Bishop Monchusi at (+267) 73611585/72176210. His services are free.

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BMC secures beef market in Seychelles

Dikarabo Ramadubu



Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) will soon start to sell its beef to the Island of Seychelles. Not only will they sell frozen raw meat, but will also send corned beef for trial in the Island.

All this is thanks to last week’s visit by President Mokgweetsi Masisi who included in his delegation executive management of the BMC, led by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Akolang Tombale.
The agreement signed between BMC and two leading Seychelles companies, will see BMC exporting at least 48 tonnes of raw beef to the island possibly from October. The names of the two companies that BMC signed an agreement with are Seychelles Trading Company which is a quasi-government organisation, and Rosebelle Company which is privately owned.

Although both have agreed to trade with each other, BMC cannot start immediately, as they have to wait for the green light from Seychelles companies who still have to apply for import permits in accordance with the law of their republic.

Speaking to The Midweek Sun, Tombale expressed gratitude that they managed to get good business in Seychelles through the assistance of President Masisi. “We are ready to export any time from now. As you know Seychelles is an island surrounded by mountains and cannot produce much if not anything. “They therefore depend much on imports even from as far as Brazil and Europe. Their economy is driven by tourism and they do not differ much with the European market in terms of the demand for beef as most tourists come from Europe and United States.”

Dr. Tombale said they agreed with the two companies that since “we are not sure about the logistics we will start by selling 24tonnes to each company per month, meaning we will be supplying the Island with a total of 48 tonnes per month. The idea is to start small and grow bigger as the people get used to our beef.” BMC has also negotiated to sell small stock meat to Seychelles and successfully negotiated for local chicken farmers to start selling their range chicken to Seychelles as well.

According to Tombale, he negotiated the deal after being approached by local chicken farmers amongst them Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete, who requested that “we should try to find a market for chicken farmers as we go around the world searching for the beef market.” Tombale revealed that for a start both range chickens and small stock will not be supplied in tonnes or large quantities as they will be sold on a trial basis.

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G-west community reunion-walk a resounding success

Keletso Thobega



Multitudes turned up for the Mosengwaketsi community walk and braai session this past Saturday in Gaborone West. The walk was held in the morning and was preceded by football games and a braai session that went on until late in the evening.

According to the event director Tshenolo Palai, the aim of the community day event was to revive community spirit and address crime and social ills. “The Mosengwaketsi community reunion will be held not only to create a platform to build unity but also address the social ill of passion killings,” he said.

Palai said that they had also invited health stakeholders for a wellness segment because they had realised that there are many health related conditions that affect the quality of people’s lives hence they had joined forces with religious organisations, the business community, neighbourhood outreach policing and other stakeholders in the area to encourage a culture of unity and create dialogue between all the parties.

He noted that they had wanted to create a relaxed environment conducive for different people to engage and strengthen their networks. He said they were also concerned with the high rate of crimes of passion in Botswana and also wanted to create a platform for both men and women to open up on issues that affect them because most people tend to be more relaxed in a social setting.

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