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Katlego dishes eye candy



This hunk is Katlego Banyatsi (23), the new face of Jack’s Gym. Thanks to his chiselled body, good looks and humble nature, the head model at X Models Agency is making strides in the local modelling and fashion industry. While Banyatsi concedes that there are several challenges besieging the modelling industry in our country, he is optimistic that the situation will improve with time and that the industry will be better appreciated. Banyatsi talks to Vibe about the ups and downs of modelling, and how determination has helped him reach his goals. 

If Katlego Banyatsi were to take off his shirt, many ladies (and gents) would probably swoon over his sexy body. The gent is hot, and he knows it. Getting one’s body into tip-top shape is an art that requires a lot of self-discipline and commitment, and he bears testimony to this.

Banyatsi, who was recently unveiled as the new face of Jack’s Gym, is fast gaining traction as one of Botswana’s most esteemed male models. The software engineering student at Limkokwing University says that he only started working out in 2014. Within a year, his physique had transformed impressively to one that is toned, with defined muscles and flat hard abs.

The opportunity to model cropped up when he came across a social media post inviting aspirant models to join X Models Agency, owned by Leatile Motlhalamme. Banyatsi tried his luck and was selected. He is now the head model at the agency, which he gives credit for giving him a headstart. Banyatsi says that getting one’s body into perfect shape is no walk in the park and that is why many people fall off the radar when it comes to fitness and body sculpting. “In order to achieve anything, you need to be determined and put in the hard work.

It is important to have an end goal and work towards achieving it,” he says. Being strict with his diet and working out daily are sacrifices he makes to ensure that he is always in tip-top shape. To date, Banyatsi has modelled for Keno Suits and was the face of the Grand Palm wedding Expo last year. He also took to the runway at shows that include Grey Goose Fashion show, X Fashion show, X Models and FNB fashion show.

Most recently, he sizzled at the Presidential Competitions fashion shows, both regional and national. Banyatsi says that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes in modelling. “Models work with different people, and before the show, they are expected to go for measurements and fittings, attend rehearsals and choreography classes.” He says that the day of the event is often the most nerve wrecking.

“We are expected to be at the venue at least six hours prior to the show. After we have prepared ourselves we socialise with other models while waiting to be called up for make-up and the final fittings. Strutting your stuff in front of many eyes can be daunting but you get used to it.” Banyatsi is overwhelmed by the positive feedback that he has received since he started modelling. The money isn’t that bad either, he says, but hastens to add that there is room for improvement. “One can make the average salary of an employed Motswana for a day’s work.

It’s just that the industry here is still small and modelling gigs are few and wide apart; this makes it very difficult to live off modelling alone because the income is inconsistent.” Banyatsi admits that it is still early days to make modelling a full-time career in Botswana. He also bemoans how models are not taken seriously. “What we do is often not treated like work and models are often exploited.” Needless to say, he remains optimistic that this will change with time.

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Local artistes steal the show at GIMC concert

Keletso Thobega



La Timmy gave his best as usual and set the mood a notch higher with his upbeat sounds.Meanwhile, Boogie Sid took the crowd way back with a set reminiscent of the early 2000s. Robbie Rob and Brando also gave a fun set that had dancing along. Meanwhile, Sjava’s performance was quite tepid.

He didn’t seem excited to be on stage and his performance was bland from start to finish. Han C on the other hand was a fireball of energy and set the pace, proving that local is truly lekker. The Sedilaka star belted out in tune while also gyrating madly as if his life depended on it. Many sang along to his hits Mafura fura and Se-ileng.

South African rapper Nasty C also held his own fort and although his performance was nothing to write home about, he seemingly gave his fans their money’s worth as they cheered wildly. The Hell No hitmaker saved the popular song for last and everyone sang along to the jam with a catchy hook.

Another energetic performer was Master KG who has been making waves recently. His unique sound, a mix of kwaito, mosakaso had many wiggling and jiggling as if they have ants in their pants. The Situation and Skeleton hitmaker and his dancers churned infectious dance moves throughout their performance.

Meanwhile, Lady Zamar churned hits such as Collide, Criminal, Charlotte and My Baby among others, as she showed off her well-choreographed dance moves. Prince Kaybee was in his usual element and while it was not his best night, most revellers enjoyed the house tunes, especially the hit Club Controller, which can make even the most uptight person lose their morals and hump and bump in the air.

One of the revellers Tshidiso Mokaila said she had enjoyed the concert. “It was chilly but the whole show was well-organised, from the sound to security. It was my first time here and I had the time of my life. I will definitely come again next year,” she said. Another reveller who only identified himself as Tshepo said that the popularity of the bash seemed to be declining but said he was impressed that the organisers had beefed up security this time around.

“We had fun knowing that our cars are safe. The performances were just OK but I think that the no cooler box policy turned off many people especially as there was only one beer on sale and no ciders.” The MCs for the night Loungo, Sadi and Somizi did a sterling job and kept revellers in a party mood. While the previous editions were much better than this year’s instalment, there were few incidents this time around. Revellers let their hair down and partied the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

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The sky is the limit for Ginah Molodi



In what started as only a mere passion for music at the age of (11) for Ginah Tinah Molodi, it has now changed into a big reality as she recently featured in one of the most decorated DJ in Botswana Boineelo Othusitse known as DJ Bino in a single house-track dubbed Ke Mosadi. Growing up, 23-year-old Molodi was a vital member of the Praise and Worship at her church.

In a recent interview with Vibe, Molodi said that her mother had always encouraged her to give her best. “My late mother has always been my mother, a role model, a best friend, an instigator and that really kept going because she motivated me,” she said.

The Mmadinare born aspirant artiste made her first major appearance in one of the Botswana Television (BTV) talent show called My African Dream before deciding to try her luck on this year’s My Star Show, “I have always dreamt of joining My Star from the moment it started broadcasting on BTV and I only got join this year because I wanted to share my talent with Botswana as I always believed in my singing and the talent that got has given me. Winning would have been a great bonus to me,” she said.

Molodi further reiterated on her current main enthusiast who is apparently her aunt. “The one person who was always behind me is my aunt Thusano Moseki, she has always been my biggest fan and she used to call me at my tenure at My Star wanting to find out whether I chose either the right song or rehearsed well and stuff and that really motivated me a lot as she strongly believed in me,” she said.
Molodi said being eliminated in the My Star Top 12 had not deterred her as she went on to release a single. “I did not win at My Star but that never really discouraged me because I have so many people that believe in me. I decided to do a single titled Ke Mosadi which is basically a personal song and it celebrates a women from her phenomenal transition from a young to a women with a massive help from DJ Bino as my producer,” she said.
Meanwhile, DJ Bino said that Molodi’s brother had sent him her audio. “When I first heard that our home girl is currently at My Star, I told her brother to send me the audio and she was amazing. I promptly decided to start working with her.
She did not win maybe because sometimes the judges do not see what we see as producers hence I took liberty to do a song with her because I appreciate her talent,” he said. DJ Bino added that Molodi still had a long way to go as she will soon be working with big names such as Odirile ‘Vee’Sento, Busi (Malawi) to push her promising music career to greater heights. DJ Bino also confirmed that he was working on dropping his 2nd album, which will be titled The Journey.

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