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Tshepo G to release debut album



Franco Investments owned by local rhumba king Frank Lesokwane popularly known as ‘Franco’ in the entertainment industry will release its first album of the year this month by the band’s long time dancer and backing vocalist Tshepo Gaesenkwe.

Tshepo joined the band in 2007 having tried her luck with various groups including an afro-pop ensemble, GSTORM. Tshepo G as she is known to her supporters told Vibe that she feels she has gained a lot of experience and exposure during the many years she worked with Franco.

“I think I am ready to rock the nation after a long career as a backing vocalist and dancer. Working as a dancer has helped as I know how to handle myself before any large crowd unlike an artist who storms the industry without any form of experience. Moreover, I have backed Franco in almost all his albums since 2007 something which is a milestone.’’

The album which is ready for release end of February has six songs with the title track Magatwe a reminder of legendary tales that grannies and grandpas would regale the young with during an evening gathering around a bonfire. With its groovy beat the song will surely win the hearts of many music lovers who are thirsty for something brand new.

Another interesting and controversial track from the album is Game ke game, which is directed at married couples that have a tendency of fighting over property once they part ways. In the song, Tshepo G clearly tells her husband that what belongs to her belongs to her irrespective of their marriage in community of property.

Lesokwane raved about the album saying it is bound to dominate local airwaves. “It is good for us as seasoned artists to help upcoming artists when we notice talent in them. I have worked with Tshepo G for a very long time and am proud to give her a go as an independent artist although she will remain my backing vocalist during recordings,” Franco said.

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GOING PLACES:The singer has a new offering

CharmaGal is back with a bang. After a hiatus, following her hit Jabu last year, she has released an all Setswana thriller album just in time for festive.

The local music sensational is back into her stardom feat, the album brings yet another set of tracks in her 8-track album titled Lekgamu la bananyana. Touch Records in Gaborone officially released the album this past week.

During a media brief held at Botswana Craft in Gaborone this past week, CharmaGal revealed that she has been working hard on the album thus having high expectations on it. According to Charma, Lekgamu la bananyana is a notch high than her previous music deliverables.

Speaking to Vibe a day before boarding a plane to the United Kingdom where she was performing alongside South Africa’s BabesWodumo, she said that what makes her unique is staying to her craft. The Mmokolodi hit-maker said that it is giving what you are to the people that then opportunities arise for artists.

“People need to stay true to their uniqueness, this new album represent my style of delivering music, that represents my key and my melody that is why it is easy for people to react to it,” shared CharmaGal.

She also said that piracy is a concern in the music fraternity, adding that she has targets she has set for herself in regards to the number of copies she wants to sell on the album. “New technology remains a mystery for us artists, in a day after the release of the album, people will be she sharing out the music through Whatsapp and other social media networks and that is amazing.”

Meanwhile, a week after the release of the album, track 3, dubbed Banyana, is driving CharmaGal fans crazy. The song has already been played on various radio stations in the country. In the song, CharmaGal says that she does not need to get to work because she has hangover garnered from the weekend. **The album is available at most music stores.

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Shamele drops solo kwaito offering

Irene Shone



omolemo Thepa aka Shamele says kwaito music has taken out the artiste in him and he plans to elevate the genre as time goes. The 27-year-old recently released his first-ever solo single dubbed, ‘Dula S’tilo’.

He tells Vibe that the new single was actually written to honour the president of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi as he sat on the presidency throne. He explains that he has been in the music industry for the past six years, featuring other artistes but decided to [produce his solo work this year.

“I have written this song and composed it to dedicate it to Masisi as a way of welcoming him to his new position,” he says.Shamele is confident that having worked with a variety of well-established artistes has given him light and direction to grow the Kwaito genre. Asked why he chose Kwaito of all other genres, he said that Kwaito is unstoppable and just needs nurturing.

“I found Kwaito in existence when I was growing up, and I have never come across any boring rhythm of Kwaito music. It is just unstoppable and thus, I want to be associated to it.”
He also shares with Vibe that local talent kept him motivated to also have a dream of becoming a solo artiste.

“The Real Magosi group inspired me to be where I am today together with all the local artistes in general because I embrace local music.” Shamele further says that he takes pride in the fact that he has already performed his song in the president’s presence recently in Moshupa at an event.

He also appreciates the positive feedback that he already has on his new work. Dula S’tilo currently enjoys airplay at Duma Fm, RB1 and RB2. The single was produced at True-African Studios. Shamele says that at the moment, he is focused on building his brand and give his fans and the local music industry the best.

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