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“I was taking people to hell”



Many will remember Kealeboga DJ Kellz Gaelebale as a charmer boy who used to entertain lovers at nightclubs. But he says the days of seeing his face at nightclubs and festivals are over.

DJ Kellz has stopped playing at clubs and parties and has decided to use his skills to expand God’s kingdom. He tells The Midweek Sun that his 12 years as R&B and Hip Hop DJ have not done him any good. He says that behind the romantic music he used to play at clubs was a man frustrated at living a double standard life.

Even when he pulled crowds, his heart was far from the scene. “I was worried that I was making money out of a music that encourages drinking and sex. I was taking people to hell,” he says, emphasising that he was never really happy.

The 30 year-old is popular for his previous Yarona FM Wednesday show called The Heat where he mixed R&B and Hip Hop hits. As of February 1 this year, DJ Kellz says he had an encounter with God where he heard him speak directly to him.

He was supposed to do a Toni Braxton exclusive mix and listeners were excited. However, he did not show up at work and rather called his programmes manager telling him that he was not going to make it that evening.

“God told me that my time was up and that I should use the gift he has given me for him,” he states. He would then have a meeting with his programmes manager the following day and told him that he was not comfortable hosting The Heat anymore and recommended rather an inspirational show that would change people’s lives.

It was at that meeting that The Revolution show was born. It was launched last Sunday and listeners were impressed at the word of God shared and uplifting songs. The show airs every Sunday at 10pm till midnight.

“I’ve let God down but I’m also happy that he has given me a second chance to serve him,” he says. He is now a committed Christian with a calling to serve.

Will he miss the money that he has been making from playing at nightclubs and festivals? The AAT graduate from Botswana Accountancy College says he has a business that does research on customer experience. But again, his full trust is in God.

“He will provide. When he closes a door, He opens a bigger one,” he says with a smile. He is currently pursuing a BComm in Marketing.

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BOSJE elevates jazz education in Botswana



CHANGING LIVES: Music has the power to empower youth.

The Botswana Society of Jazz Education (BOSJE) will host the 9th annual International Jazz Day for the 3rd time this year at the Maitisong theatre. According to the founding chairperson Akhutlheng Mogami, the society was formed to create a platform for jazz musicians and aspiring jazz musicians to grow and share ideas and even have their work documented.

“As a society, we have realized a need for jazz education. There is also no documentation about jazz in Botswana, which makes it difficult for both the teachers and students when it comes to teaching and learning about jazz as there is no local content to refer to. It is also for purposes of funding applications to run workshops and host festivals and exchange programs that we needed to have a legally registered nonprofit making entity as this one,” she said.

BOSJE was officially registered on the 31st of August 2015 with the registrar of societies and some its objectives include to ensure the growth of Jazz in Botswana and development of jazz education; to build jazz community by advancing education and research; to document, preserve and archive our Botswana jazz heritage; to promote skills development and performance through jazz camps, exchange programs and jazz shows and festivals, and to also develop new audiences.

In January 2017 the society formed a youth jazz big band (Big Bands). Mogami noted that they managed to bring together young people from all walks of life to teach them about jazz and how to play jazz. Since then, the band has been growing substantially both musically and professionally. She noted that The Big Bands in Botswana project which aims to put together jazz bands in schools and communities all over the country. “The project brings together young people and teaches them to play music in an ensemble set up.

The project commenced on the 15th of February 2019 with the primary objective of this project is to bring positive social change through music. Children who are involved in this music program receive a music education, which we believe will lead them to improved overall academic success. The children will also learn the essential skills needed for the 21st century workforce.

In addition to that, these children will also have a platform to exercise their creativity, and all this will in turn grow their confidence.” The band has graced the Masire foundation annual gala dinner, International Jazz Day, Annual De Beers sight holders Dinner, and Gaborone toastmasters among others.

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Diva Vebrok and Benson Phutego drop love sin gle

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NEW OFFERING: Benson & Diva Vebrok’s listening session rocked

Diva Vebrok and Benson Phutego recently released their joint single titled Ha o ka leba. The two launched the song at a listening session at Greenberry Gardens. Music artists including Nono, Franco and promoters PP and Gloria Dzwikiti as well as other industry role players flocked the venue to listen to what the two have to offer and they were not disappointed.

The single is good quality – from the melody, lyrics, rthyme and production. The divine diva Diva Vebrok adds a golden touch with her smooth voice while the bold and eloquent Phutego’s voice complements hers as he breaks out into poetry.

Director of ceremony at the listening session Berry Heart also kept the crowd galvanised throughout the night with her energetic spirit. President of Music Promotions Zenzele Hirschfield expressed appreciation for the support rendered to the two and highlighted that it is important for artists to support one another. “I am honoured to see that that many people in the local music industry have come out to support their fellow artists.

This means a lot and we really need to unite as artists all the time,” she said. She sang praises for Diva Vebrok who she said was passionate and hard working. “She is more than just an artist but also an influencer and entrepreneur. She is one of the women in the music industry who work hard and never give up on their craft,” she said.

Phutego impressed the crowd with his words of wisdom as he appreciated being featured by Ve brok on the single. “It was great working with her as she is passionate and hard working. Women are the pillars of society and as such they should be respected. I have no regrets about this project because I am confident that we produced a great love song.”

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