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Five essentials for the post-modern man



The season of warmth, joy and good cheer is here. While everyone is under pressure trying to figure out how and where to celebrate festive season, Fashion Boulevard has one major idea for the post-modern man. Celebrate the art of manliness this December by gifting yourself with essentials you have been overlooking all year. 

Being a man, especially if you are in your twenties and thirties, looking good is absolutely everything and here we are going to explore some essentials needed to make an impression that will help score you a date this season; or even better, enhance your confidence.

When men have a goal of looking good and dressing better, they look up at all latest trends and they end up looking messy because they assume every piece of clothing in their body needs to stand out. That is wrong. Not every item in your outfit needs to grab attention. The secret is playing with the details. A well put-together look will leave different impressions with an amalgamation of super-versatile essentials. Here are the supporting pieces to help keep your clothes anchored.

1. Wrist Watches
A stylish, luxury wrist watch will make you feel good any day. Of course not every man can afford Rolex or omega watches, but funky and sleek does not need to be expensive. There are thousands of outlets with super sleek and affordable stylish watches that’ll noticeably add pep to your appearance. A wrist watch is more than a time-keeper; it is a symbol of style and class.
2. Belts
Accentuate your look with a polished belt that will ultimately bring your outfit together. In addition to creating a demarcation line between your legs and body, belts provide a highlight to a coordinated outfit and they demonstrate who you are as man. Go for a varied collection and make your own statement.
3. Sunglasses
A perfect pair of sunglasses is an integral part of every modern man’s wardrobe. They come in different styles and shapes. Sunglasses are not meant only for protection from the sun. They define a face and make you look cool and relevant.
4. Bags
Trendy and manly bags are what every man should have in their wardrobes. These include travel bags, gym bags and gadget bags. There is no point in using a gym bag for travel. That is too disrespectful to the bag itself.
5. Colognes
Colognes help in boosting a man’s confidence. Women also appreciate men who smell good. For a sensational experience, you must have different colognes for specific occasions. As a rule, people should only be able to smell you when they step inside your own personal “scent circle”, which is about arm’s length. In short, know your limit when applying cologne. A little makes you sexier, more confident. A lot makes you appear loud.

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Diva Vebrok and Benson Phutego drop love sin gle

The MidweekSun Admin



NEW OFFERING: Benson & Diva Vebrok’s listening session rocked

Diva Vebrok and Benson Phutego recently released their joint single titled Ha o ka leba. The two launched the song at a listening session at Greenberry Gardens. Music artists including Nono, Franco and promoters PP and Gloria Dzwikiti as well as other industry role players flocked the venue to listen to what the two have to offer and they were not disappointed.

The single is good quality – from the melody, lyrics, rthyme and production. The divine diva Diva Vebrok adds a golden touch with her smooth voice while the bold and eloquent Phutego’s voice complements hers as he breaks out into poetry.

Director of ceremony at the listening session Berry Heart also kept the crowd galvanised throughout the night with her energetic spirit. President of Music Promotions Zenzele Hirschfield expressed appreciation for the support rendered to the two and highlighted that it is important for artists to support one another. “I am honoured to see that that many people in the local music industry have come out to support their fellow artists.

This means a lot and we really need to unite as artists all the time,” she said. She sang praises for Diva Vebrok who she said was passionate and hard working. “She is more than just an artist but also an influencer and entrepreneur. She is one of the women in the music industry who work hard and never give up on their craft,” she said.

Phutego impressed the crowd with his words of wisdom as he appreciated being featured by Ve brok on the single. “It was great working with her as she is passionate and hard working. Women are the pillars of society and as such they should be respected. I have no regrets about this project because I am confident that we produced a great love song.”

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Model Olorato Erica going places

Keletso Thobega



Tall and slender with striking features, Olorato Erica Moalosi turns heads everywhere she goes. This unique beauty has graced True Love magazine, been the face of the Mascom derby, Fashion without borders and the De Beers Forever Mark Diamond campaign among many others. She is a globetrotter with plans to take the global modeling world by storm and she sure has what it takes to be counted among the best.

The God fearing young woman who was born and schooled in Lobatse, was raised in the Guta Ra Mwari (Zvimiso) church. Straight from the streets of Woodhall, she went to school at Lesedi la pela before completing her secondary school at Crescent School. In school, she loved sport and took part and excelled in basketball and athletics. She started with beauty pageants in kindergarten but only fell in love with modeling in 2010.

After completing her Form five, she had not performed too well and took a gap year to re-write her IGCSE examinations. She then had time to explore her other interest and that is when she found her passion in modeling. After re-writing, she went on to do short courses in business, entrepreneurship, insurance and Portuguese. This kept her busy and gave her competitive leverage in the work sector but her love for modeling remained unchanged.

Moalosi says that the journey to modeling was stressful although it paid off in the end. She started off as a beauty queen and was a finalist in Miss Teen Universe Botswana Finalist in 2008 and 2013, and Miss Vision 2016 in 2013. In 2016 she made it to the top 16 of Miss Botswana and was crowned Miss Global International Botswana in 2016.

She joined Gemstones in 2011. “A friend of mine believed in the potential God bestowed in me and paid for my auditions at the time. Little did I know that experience would change my life! I was top four in Gemstones and had my first magazine feature.”

To date, her career highlights include Gaborone Fashion Week (2012), Independence Fashion Show (2013), Masa Square Hotel Fashion Show (2014-2017), President’s Day Competitions (2014-2018), Fashion Without Borders Fashion Show (2015-2017), Woolworths Fashion Show (2016), Mascom Derby Fashion Show (2017), Forever Mark Diamond Showcase (DeBeers) Africa (2017), True Love Magazine Night Of Style Fashion Show (2018), which was held in South Africa, Zimbabwe Fashion Week (2018) and Africa Fashion International Johannesburg Fashion Week (2018) as well as Look Of The Year Competition (2018),where she was chosen out of the whole of Africa to represent Botswana in China.

Moalosi says that for one to excel as a model, they should preserve and also be consistent, passionate, authentic, disciplined and professional. She points out that Botswana is still lagging behind in growing the modeling industry, but there is progress. “We need to stick together. Let’s nurture and grow the talent we have. Furthermore, more seminars should be held to equip aspiring models with knowledge and skills about the industry. Just because one is tall, it does not mean one can be a model. But stakeholders such as the Ministry Of Youth Sports And Culture Development have made effort and other companies and individuals should come on board.”

Moalosi says that in modeling one day in you’re in and the next you are out. “My secret weapon is prayer. I believe in the beauty of my dreams. The fact that I may not be where I aspire to be also keeps me going. I aspire to be better than Model Erica from 2011 and grab every opportunity that comes my way.” She advises aspiring models to never give up on their dreams. She also says that it is important to do research and that rejection is sometimes necessary because it is meant to be a form of motivation. She adds: “Confidence is the best outfit you can wear as a model.”

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