LG unveils Multi V5 Air Conditioner

08th August 2017
LG Multi V5 aircon. Source:The Midweek Sun

The new LG Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (LG HVAC Botswana) has brought forth a Multi V 5, VRF air conditioner intended for buildings including office blocks, malls and enormous houses. According to LG HVAC Engineering Manager William Aphane, the air conditioner has fully improved its technological power with ever powerful and reliable yet economical LG’s ultimate inverter compressor and the ocean Black Fin with the most effective corrosion resistant performance and biomimetic technology.

“The cooling load of the air conditioner is based on the amount of both sensible heat load and latent heat load. The cooling load is keen to and thus greatly affected by external humidity, rather than the outdoor temperature.” The Multi V5, VRF has a large capacity outdoor unit with enhanced core parts like biomimetic technology based fans, four sided heat exchanger as opposed to three sided heat exchanger of previous models, and a compressor which increases efficiency and capacity and allows large capacity for outdoor units, a single unit of the Multi V5 can provide up to 26 HP.

“The improved technologies also include the dual sensing control, partial defrost and smart oil enhance management, enhanced heating for continuous heating for increased heating capacity and indoor comfort, the delayed and partial defrost technologies minimise unnecessary operational consumption and provide consistent heating. However for maintenance of the product, the LG Training engineer Gareth Van Zyl, emphasised the importance of training and understanding the steps of getting the new Multi V5, VRF air conditioner which is a state of the art cooling system and has the capability to diagnose the faults in the system and allow repairs to be done within a very short time. All types of LG air conditioners and spares are distributed by the new office. The newly LG HVAC distributorship is situated at Plot 101, Gaborone Commerce Park.

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