No compensation for man injured by buffalo

09th December 2015


By Wananani Modongo -

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A 54 year old man who is currently fighting for his life in hospital after a vicious buffalo attack at Karikajoo cattle post in the Nata area will not get any compensation from the wildlife department, The Midweek Sun has learnt.

The Principal Wildlife Officer Mbututu Mbututu has disclosed to this publication in an interview that according to the law there is no compensation in a matter such as this one. He said that there is noth- ing his department can do about what happened to Taa Xhere. Not only was Xhere left for dead, but he sustained a broken neck besides losing one of his eyes.
“We are doing everything for him that is hu- manely possible. For instance we transport his wife from Sepako to Francistown so that she can visit her husband and help him where she can.” Xhere is admitted at Nyangabgwe hospital.

When this publication caught up with the victim at the hospital he could barely move his injured leg, which is supported by a suspension. His eye was stitched. He also had wounds in the ribs and chest area. He said that life was hell for him in the hospital. He said since his admission two weeks ago, he has seen his wife about two times only as she does not have money to visit him regularly.

Xhere said he struggles to bathe himself due to the injuries he sustained from the brutal attack by the beast. “No one is visiting me. My wife does not visit often perhaps because she has not been given a warrant or she does not get a ride from the wildlife people,” he cried. Xhere added that some of his wounds will not heal easily as they are not washed regularly.

The victim also disclosed that he is depressed due to the fact that he is the bread winner to his five children and his wife. “It is hard for me accept that I will no longer be in a position to feed my family because farming is the only thing I know. I put food on the table for my children through farming but now that I’m crippled, my children are going to live like orphans while I am still alive,” cried Xhere.

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