New building technology cuts costs and time

10th November 2016
New building technology Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

New building technology introduced by Metse (Pty) Ltd will help save time and cost of building as the construction of a house will only take eight days.

The technology uses panels and a mixture of concrete and cement and can build any house and has been used in India for over 12 years. Speaking to Business Trends, Metse Managing Director, also former Botswana National Youth Council Executive Director, Benjamin Raletsatsi said the technology saves times and other building costs as the house is completed within eight days.

“The backlog in the delivery of houses in Botswana remains a problem and through our technology, Metse can deliver a house within eight days. The speed of the completion of the house provides savings to the customer through the value of time,” said Raletsatsi.The panels are manufactured using high impact moulded inserts bonded between two layers of CCB (conducive carbon black) in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall. A monolithic structure is then created by filling the entire structure with concrete.

He explained that the system is about 20 percent cheaper compared to the traditional housing materials. He said the system is very strong as it uses concrete instead of normal bricks.  “With this system we can guarantee high quality house without high costs and it is suitable for all locations. It also has durable finishes which minimise rework and repairs,” said Raletsatsi.Raletsatsi said they have approached the Office of the President in a bid to assist the nation in providing affordable homes for Batswana.

Last week they handed over a two bed-roomed house in Old Naledi which was built through the technology. “Housing is a fundamental human need and this is what drives us as Metse and we have gone out to ensure that we innovate and collaborate with housing and industry players to bring affordable comfortable, yet stylish homes,” said Raletsatsi.Metse is a company founded by two Batswana women, Thato Raletsatsi and Kerotse Pie.

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