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BOCODOL launches online service

Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) launched an online service that allows learners to apply from any place where there is internet connectivity.

1st June 2016

Masa determined to maintain good pass rate

1st June 2016

For the past 10 years, Masa Primary School has been featured among the best performing top five schools out of the 48 primary schools in the south-east district.

Three-month reception classes extended to a year

1st June 2016

The three-month reception pilot project by the Ministry of Education, Skills Development, has now been extended to a year in some areas in the country.

Automatic progression: a malfunction

1st June 2016

For years Boitshepo Koi* shared her love for teaching with all the students at Naledi Secondary School. The Development Studies teacher who chooses to remain anonymous told Edu Mail that Naledi is a school which for a long time was known to be a school of stars like its name states.

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