Spy Chief a liability for Masisi - Analyst

When Mokgweetsi Masisi takes the oath of office as Botswana’s fifth President in April, he should look for a new spy boss including heads of the disciplined forces, a local political analyst has advised. Ndulamo Morima informed The Midweek Sun that irrespective of whether various allegations levelled against the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) since its inception are true or false, Masisi should set his own tone instead of relying on the old guard left behind by his predecessor, Ian Khama. “As the incoming new President, Masisi should have his own tone.

20th February 2018

Knives out for Francistown East MP

20th February 2018

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Member of Parliament Buti Billy has cried foul citing defamation of character following a letter written by some party members in his constituency fingering him for keeping the party’s voters registration books and hiding them from other party members willing to register voters. Rubbishing the allegations contained in the letter forwarded to the party’s Secretary General Mpho Balopi and copied to the party branch committee, Billy fumed that the letter was merely based on allegations since there is no concrete evidence linking him to the voter’s registration books.

Illegal gold diggers await their fate

20th February 2018

Three illegal gold miners who appeared briefly before Francistown Magistrate last week Friday will know their fate once police forensic tests on an object suspected to be gold was found in their possession two weeks ago near Mophane Gold mine by an adjacent farm. Appearing before Senior Magistrate Kose Makobo, George Rusere and two others did not waste time as they pleaded guilty to a single count of being found in possession of a mineral without a licence as per the local penal code.

‘Peanuts’ old age grant to be reviewed

20th February 2018

Parliament recently agreed to lodge a request to government for the review of the old age pension grant rolled out to the elderly in Botswana. The current grant amount is a measly P430 per month. Last year, Selebi Phikwe West MP Dithapelo Keorapetse presented a motion for the grant to be reviewed comprehensively. He expressed concern that the amount was a paltry figure under the current economic conditions and that the elderly could not do much with the amount. He argued that most of the elderly are forced to take care of grandchildren; others live with disability or chronic health conditions or disability and also have several other expenses ranging from healthcare and home care. “The cost of living is too high.

Catholics reconcile after 2017 scandal

20th February 2018

The Catholic Church in the Diocese of Gaborone gathered at St Charles Lwanga Minor Seminary at Kgale this past Saturday for a pilgrimage of faith to claim back peace in the church. According to the Bishop of the Diocese of Francistown and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Gaborone, Frank Nubuasah, a pilgrimage of this nature is taken by those who intend to achieve something important.

Parents feel the pinch as private school fees sky-rocke

20th February 2018

In light of the contention over the quality of education provided by government, some parents are also upset over the steep cost of educating their children at private schools. Private school fees remain unregulated despite calls by government to put policies in place to ensure affordability of prime education for their children without breaking the bank. An unorthodox survey of the cost of education at private schools conducted by The Midweek Sun indicates that parents spend a lot of money. The average school fees for a “prestige” private school (commonly referred to as English medium schools) is P10, 000 (excluding development fees that range between P2000 and P20, 000). The most expensive private schools include Maru-a-Pula, Westwood, Northside Primary School, Broadhurst and Thornhill in Gaborone, Delta Waters in Maun and Kgaswe in Palapye. Not surprisingly, most of the schools have a high enrolment of expatriates and well-to-do Caucasians. The least expensive private schools include Legae Primary School, Letlhabile Primary and St Mary’s Primary School, with fees of between P4000 and P7000 per term and a development fee of between P1000 and P2000.

Of men, women and crimes of passion

20th February 2018

 Commonly referred to as ‘passion killings,’ former Botswana President Festus Mogae once chose to rather call them ‘hatred killings.’ He then made it public that he was disappointed by judges, police and women over the killings. It was during that era of Mogae’s tenure that Botswana actually experienced an increased spate of such killings.

Youth Development Fund cut-off age remains 35

20th February 2018

The Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development (MYESC) this week dismissed claims that the age limit for assistance from the ministry from the Youth Development Fund (YDF) is 29. They say the limit remains age 35. There has been a recent form circulating on social media, where many young people are active, claiming that the cut-off age is 29. MYSEC recently released the YDF application guidelines and forms for the latest applications that will be scrutinised for the next batch of beneficiaries, which begin in April.

Employers need lessons on mental health issues

14th February 2018

Employers need to open their minds and learn that there is more to a person’s health than just the physical. This is according to journalist-turned mental health activist, and also founder of the Embrace Emotions Support Network (EESN), Dikatso Selemogwe. While working in a highly stressful environment of the newsroom with back to back deadlines for three different publications, Selemogwe battled general anxiety disorder (GAD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as well as Bi-polar 2 which she says started off as Chronic Major Depression.


14th February 2018

Stigma Kills, Not HIV

Coping with painful menstruation and endometriosis

14th February 2018

The monthly menstrual cycle has been a painful experience for Galaletsang Tembo since her teenage days. To this, Gynaecologist Nkata Mulumba says experiences such as Tembo’s may be a result of endometriosis, a medical condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus also grows outside the womb, usually in the pelvic area. Endometriosis causes chronic pain and can lead to fertility problems. There is no cure for the condition even though common treatments include pain medication, hormone therapy, and surgery to remove the misplaced tissue and in some cases hysterectomy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 176 million of women worldwide suffer from endometriosis.


14th February 2018


Claire Lane: Talking meditation, mindfulness and yoga!

14th February 2018

Sometimes in the crazy swirl of life, it feels like there is no time to stop. But that is just what meditation Master and Yogi, Claire Lane, teaches people to do. She chats to RACHEL RADITSEBE about how the practice of regular meditation can create positive change in one’s life.

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