07th September 2017
FRONT PAGE Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Rola Kepese or Safe Male Circumcision, is the surgical removal of the foreskin. In Botswana, the campaign has attracted mixed reactions with some people for and others against it. Take for example, local artist Odirile Vee Mampeezy Sento, who is also the Ambassador of the SMC programme, has all the beautiful words regarding SMC and its benefits. The ‘I do’ hitmaker’s association with the safe male circumcision camapaign dates back to 2009.

It did not just begin in 2015 with the accelerated campaign. Sento, who says he got circumcised at Form 5, is a proud man regarding his circumcision status. “This is not a hyped up, in-thing campaign. It is serious business. It is about a bold and active man enough to say Í too want to be counted among the ones who brought about a better change, health-wise in my country,” he says, adding that a circumcised man contributes towards reducing chances of their partners getting cervical cancer.

But there are differing voices across ages and across the country, with some even reminding proponents of the procedure that the foreskin is not God’s mistake on men. Such views have conspired to frustrate the ministry of health’s efforts to get as many men as possible to circumcise. Some who have done it regret their loss of sensitivity during sexual intercourse, giving credence to arguments that the foreskin’s purpose is to protect the penile head and to ensure is remains pleasurably sensitive. One unnamed observer says, “Men who are circumcised have a problem coming because of difficult stimulation.

They will go on and on until they have to dump the condom because they think removing it will help restore the sensitivity and therefore ejaculute eventually. And they do this with the false belief that since they are circumcised, they will not contract sexually transmitted diseases.”


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