08th March 2018
RUGBY PLAYER: Ernest Mothusi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

1.What sport code are you involved in?

2.Which club do you play for?

BDF Cheetahs

3. When did you start Boxing?


4. What attracted you to this sport?

A friend of mine introduced me to Rugby and that is how it all began.

5. How has the sport changed your life?

Sports really changed my life big time, I am a disciplined person. I have travelled to many countries and learnt different cultures and languages.

6.What are your major achievements?

I am team captain for both my club and the national team. In 2008, I won the most improved player award. We are the defending league champions and we won the league championship more than five times. I have also lost count. I won almost each and every tournament since my rugby career.

7. What advice can you give to youth who aspire to play Rugby?

Rugby is a great sport played by gentle people even though to some it appears as a rough sport. The good thing about it, is that it makes you super fit because you have to train from head to toe. 8. If you were to change anything about Rugby,what would it be? Nothing major beside one law which says straight out ball should return to the position where you kicked it.

9 .Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

By God’s grace I would like to retire from the national team and focus on club level. I want to start a coaching course because I really love the sport.

10. What is the secret behind your success?

I have a supportive family. They guide me, my wife points out my mistakes in every game and my son tells in every game that I should score a try. Being disciplined and have your own extra self- training.

11. Which famous player do you admire?

All Blacks former captain Richie McCaw and Victor Matfield together with Fiji 7’s Samison Viriviri.

12 What has been your saddest moment in your Rugby journey?

Playing without a sponsor is painful because some players end up leaving the sport.


Names: Ernest Mothusi

Age: 35

Hobbies: Spending time with my son. Watching sports mostly cricket and reading. Fears- There is nothing I fear more than God. Sin against him and you lose everything.


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